Marketbuzzz and Thammasat University School of Global Studies (SGS) reveal the environment is the number one public concern in Thailand

In a recent nationwide survey, Thais were asked to choose their "Top 5 Public Concerns". Environment was chosen by 38% of those surveyed. Concerns are highest among older Thais, women, and those living in Greater Bangkok.

The economy, unemployment, and rising prices were the next most important concern chosen by around one-third of Thais, and especially women and younger Thais.

Buzzebees joins Japan ASEAN Conference to discuss Data Free-Flow with Trust (DFFT)

Buzzebees collaborated with the Center for International Economic Collaboration (CFIEC) Japan in the event Japan-ASEAN digital workshop to discuss Data Free-Flow with Trust (DFFT) across borders. Ms. Nattida Sanguansin , the managing director of Buzzebees Company Limited briefly describe the company profile to the audience and further proceeds to reveal the importance of constantly promoting digitization as the world trends shifts towards this new trend.

Marketbuzzz survey shows 75% of Thais are not happy with the newly emerging of COVID-19 with a significant drop in consumer sentiment and spending.

After a year where the number of coronavirus infections across Thailand was low by world standards the country was rocked by a newly emerging at the end of the year and measures were taken across the country to control the outbreak.

Thailand acted fast to tackle COVID-19 and now, we've seen an easing of the restrictions as the pandemic curve is now on a downward trend.

Buzzebees Venture Capital: Sabuy Transforms Retail Business Strategy Loyalty Program Create Value on POS

Buzzebees and Sabuy joint venture to transform a retail business under the name “Sabai Exchange Co., Ltd.” to pursue a loyalty program to create added value on POS to meet the full range of consumer needs.

Ms. Natthida Sanguansin, Managing Director of Sabai Exchange Company Limited and Buzzebees Company Limited Revealed that the Loyalty Program platform is becoming the focus of industry businesses.

Buzzebees and Sabuy Builds Synergy Model, Transforming and Strengthening Loyalty for Retail Business on POS under the name “Sabuy Exchange Co., Ltd.”

Regardless of the trend or era, “customers” are the heart of business operations. With the advancement of technology in the past few years, the development of the Loyalty Program platform has become more technical and functional attracting several businesses and becoming the watch of many industrial businesses. The increase in expertise and experience in designing, developing platforms, as well as building various CRM solutions, is a key factor in enabling a brand or owner to accurately understand customer behavior and lifestyle. Utilizing such information aids these businesses in the analysis an effective marketing plan to generate a more cost-effective income.


In the past few years, it is obvious that several industries have put their focus more on CRM Privilege marketing in attempt to entice their consumers, not just banking and finance or consumer products industry. As for today, the advancement of technology has become the key factor that makes consumers’ behavior change.

Close Your Textbook and Start Now, Begin Your Journey with Buzzebees E-Commerce Solution ‘til the End, feasible for all Medium-Sized SMEs

There’s no denying the fact that one of the business types that can go against the current situation of COVID-19 is “E-Commerce”, which is why Buzzebees has shifted the strategy to develop a new business model known as “Brand A”, A Buzzebees E-Commerce Solution designed and devised within a short period, to help business owners increase sales without fix cost.