Buzzebees unveils Co-branding strategy on CRM Privilege Platform, coordinating with renowned brand partners through campaign “Transfer Singha Rewards and Blue Card points”

Ms. Nattida Sanguansin, Managing Director of Buzzebees Company Limited, the leading CRM Privilege occupying around 90% market shares with 100 corporate partners in different industries, is offering another strategy for digital platform as Co-branding strategy through campaign “Transfer Singha Rewards and Blue Card points”.

Buzzebees Revealed 4 Important Trends That Change The World of Business, unhide the secret of Digital CRM Privilege to increase brands opportunity and fight against COVID-19

Ability to foresee the upcoming future and embrace with all challenges are one of the most important qualities for brand striving to be on top of the market. Likewise, Buzzebees has unhidden the secret of future trends for organizations to improve their business, all these strategies leverage Buzzebees, the small startup back in 2012, to become the leader of Digital CRM Privilege Platform with 95% market share by now.

Buzzebees strengthens their strategy to utilize CRM Privilege, focusing on retail business and transforming it to align with the future trend of marketing and ready to step up to the new decade of digital world.

In recent years, retail businesses have been changing tremendously due to innovation of technologies that has a huge impact on the business owners. They have experienced various changes and challenges, specifically on digital platforms that currently influences the modern trade.