Rewards & Privileges Management

Confident with our largest merchant network in Thailand, more than 25,000 branches with more than10,000 SKUs

Rewards & Privileges Management is a CRM Privileges service provided by BUZZEBEES that helps Brands find rewards of all types for customers ranging from the mass market to luxury segments. Our system and partner network cover the largest retailers in Thailand, with over 30,000+ branches and more than 10,000+ products and services available for selection. We offer services that cover every area in Thailand.

Meeting the needs of customers with different lifestyles is important. This is why BUZZEBEES is the only company in Thailand that can help develop a reward point exchange system, and provide a complete range of reward categories to meet the needs of all customer groups who use our CRM system.

BUZZEBEES helps to source, manage, and plan reward redemption services.

The Rewards & Privileges Management service from BUZZEBEES can help businesses utilize the CRM system and Loyalty Platform to its full potential and achieve marketing goals effectively. The CRM Privileges service we provide includes:


BUZZEBEES has a complete system and network to help find rewards and privileges, giving brands and business owners a variety of reward options. This can be used to create a loyalty program and a points exchange system with the brand's own rewards, all in one place without the need for multiple connections.

Biggest Rewards Network

With the largest network of partner stores in Thailand, BUZZEBEES can provide a complete range of rewards and privileges, including deals on products and services, to meet the needs of customers with different lifestyles.

Speed to Market

Don't worry about operation work because you can start the program quickly with more than 350 experiences in Loyalty Platform and Rewards Management for customers. BUZZEBEES can start the program and quickly find all types of rewards that are efficient and suitable for all target groups.

Privileges Management

BUZZEBEES comes with a team of experts who can help plan, manage, and present marketing strategies along with finding rewards and privileges that are most suitable for your business.

With over 10 years of experience and data on the behavior of more than 145 million user accounts, BUZZEBEES has insights that truly help business owners understand consumers and can make specific recommendations.


Because every business has its unique specialty, BUZZEBEES comes with Buzzebees Prime service to meet every need better. It provides Tailor-Made service to cater to luxury customers with CRM Privileges service and create an impressive experience beyond expectations.

BEES Rewards - A new pay-per-redeem rewards system

For business owners who want to select rewards for their business themselves without having to stock them (Pay-Per-Redeem), they can easily shop through BEES Rewards online reward catalog, where business owners can select their own products, including goods and rewards that BUZZEBEES has procured. The rewards will be displayed in the Loyalty Program, and then customers in the system can immediately exchange their accumulated points for the selected products without the need for you to stock new items.

Using the service to exchange points for rewards through this process can help increase the diversity of rewards, save time, and reduce costs in creating a Loyalty Program.