CRM & Loyalty Platform


A corporate loyalty program strengthens business-customer relationships, drives sales, and boosts engagement. Our customizable loyalty program solution includes features such as membership, point accumulation, redemption mechanics, gamification, and rewards redemption, all designed to help you achieve your unique business objectives. The BUZZEBEES customer loyalty program is the leading service of its kind in Thailand.

The Loyalty Platform comes up with many useful features that you can choose and design to match your business objectives. Such as membership system, points accumulative and redemption mechanics, along with gamefication system and rewards redemption.

Platform Design and Development​

Design and develop a customer loyalty program according to your company's individual needs.

Best-in-class Point System​​

Class-leading Flexible Point Earn mechanics to suit every scenario.


Gamification system strategically aligned with your business objectives to drive platform usage.

Data Analytics​

Incorporating advanced data analytics to drive a customized and targeted loyalty rewards program.

Rewards Redemption

Support for a variety of rewards, including e-vouchers, free samples, and even rewards that require physical delivery.

After accumulating years of valuable experience working in partnership with many leading organizations on customer rewards programs, it has allowed us to become the #1 CRM & Loyalty Program Developer in Thailand.

Our in-house technology creates state-of-the-art membership and loyalty points accumulation platforms and customer loyalty management services that empower businesses to understand their customers’ needs better. This enables them to build stronger professional relationships with their customers through the use of our innovative applications.


BUZZEBEES has developed over 350 loyalty platforms for leading organizations in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Our points accumulation and rewards redemption system includes numerous features, making it the perfect solution for businesses across industries, such as insurance, finance, retail, fuel and energy, and consumer products. You can trust us to help you maintain high customer satisfaction with our innovative loyalty program management solutions.

Built to Engage

BUZZEBEES loyalty platform supports basic loyalty program features like membership and points accumulation, as well as more advanced marketing, campaign, and e-commerce capabilities, allowing brands to engage with their customers seamlessly. You can trust us to help you build stronger customer relationships through our comprehensive loyalty program solutions.


Being Thailand’s largest CRM platform developer with the most extensive merchant partner network for deals and rewards, BUZZEBEES is able to provide your customers with a wide range of rewards and privileges across various segments.


Our expertise in omnichannel loyalty program solutions ensures that our system is able to connect with every touchpoint of any brand seamlessly. This includes:
We can create a new platform from scratch or integrate it with your existing systems, depending on your specific needs.

End-to-end Services

BUZZEBEES is the only company in Thailand that can provide comprehensive, full-service loyalty program solutions for any business. Our services include everything from the initial development to purchasing LINE Official Account (OA) packages, rewards management, and data analysis and execution to ensure the smooth and effective operation of the platform.

Partnership Network​

While developing a loyalty rewards program that aligns with your business objectives is crucial, BUZZEBEES’ ultimate goal is to connect all businesses and customers through our ecosystem and partnership network. This allows for new opportunities and seamless collaboration between brands and customers through our innovative customer loyalty platforms.

BUZZEBEES Loyalty Program Solutions are Available Across Multiple Platforms

Loyalty Program

Via Applications

BUZZEBEES offers points accumulation through mobile applications. We also enable the flexibility for companies to seamlessly add new applications or systems in the future, or when a new version of their app is developed. At the same time we can offer gamification systems to boost specific campaigns. If you already have your own application, we can also seamlessly integrate our system with yours.

Loyalty Program


Turbocharge your customer reach with BUZZEBEES’ loyalty rewards program via LINE Official Accounts. By using LINE OA, customers don’t need to install additional applications, allowing you to reduce acquisition costs and get your program off the ground faster.

Mini Privilege Program


BUZZEBEES’ SMS solution is a great way for brands to start building relationships with their customers without needing a loyalty rewards platform. You can use our SMS solution to send e-vouchers or privileges on birthdays or anniversaries to engage with customers more effectively.