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LOYALTY PLATFORM by BUZZEBEES is the customer retention and marketing platform designed with the purpose to managing the relationship between business and customers, which can also help in boosting sales productively.
The Loyalty Platform comes up with many useful features that you can choose and design to match your business objectives. Such as membership system, points accumulative and redemption mechanics, along with gamefication system and rewards redemption.

Different types of Platforms available to suit your needs

BUZZEBEES Loyalty Platform can come in various channels

  • Loyalty Program via Application​
  • Loyalty Program via LINE OA​
  • Mini Privilege Program via SMS

Apart from developing a platform considering the business' satisfaction,
BUZZEBEES is able to design for any business a system of rewards redemption. We also source and manage deals and privileges for customers in accordance with any conditions they desire and provide an efficient analysis service for further marketing campaigns, which can satisfy both businesses and customers.

Why BUZZEBEES Loyalty Platform?​

Being Thailand #1 CRM platform developer, packed with experience of working in partnership with many leading organizations. We are also able to serve you with state of the art membership and points accumulation system, providing any business with a way to understand customers' needs, strengthening the relationship between businesses and their existing customers effectively through our technology we built in-house.


BUZZEBEES has been developing more than 300 Loyalty Platforms
for maintaining customers both in Thailand and Southeast Asia leading organizations. The points accumulative and rewards redemption system by Buzzebees are added with lot of features which perfectly satisfy any business in every industries. Whether they are Insurance, Financial institution, Retails and Shopping malls, Fuels and energy, or even consumer products.


With an excellent experience we have, BUZZEBEES can develop LOYALTY PROGRAM to make sure that our system can connect with every Touchpoint of any brands, such as

  • Offline Point-of-Sale
  • E-Commerce Marketplace
  • Website
  • LINE Official Account
  • Mobile Application

We can build you a completely new platform or integrate with your current ones, whichever makes the most sense for you

​Built to engage

LOYALTY PLATFORM by BUZZEBEES is built to support basic loyalty program features like membership, point accumulation all the way to marketing campaign and E-Commerced features in order for Brands to engage with customers in a seamless way.


BUZZEBEES is the biggest CRM platform developer that also possess the largest merchant partners network for deals and rewards in Thailand.We assure you that we can provide your customers with any kind of rewards or privileges, particularly and widely in any segment.Here are some examples of the rewards that we can serve.

  • Digital Voucher
  • Physical Rewards with Delivery service
  • Point Transfer
  • Limousine Service
  • Other rewards that our clients desire

​End-to-end service

We are the one and only company in Thailand that provide a full-service Loyalty program for any business since the developing process, purchasing LINE Official Account Packages, as well as rewards management service, and data analysis and execution to keep the platform running smoothly and effectively.

​Partnership Network​

As much as the intention to develop a platform to answer business objective, BUZZEBEES' ultimate goal is to connect all businesses and customers through our ecosystem and partnership network, This will give your business a new method for further collaboration with brands and customers using our platforms

Some examples of Loyalty Program developed by BUZZEBEES

BUZZEBEES' Loyalty program comes up with points accumulative, rewards redemption, and also customers management system, which is easy and ready to use in any conditions to satisfy both of businesses and customers with 2 main platforms

​Loyalty Program

via Application

Points accumulative via Mobile application, fitting with any business required to have their own membership system that also can connect with any system may occur in the future. We can also do gamification system to boost specific campaign. Or if you already have your own application, we can just seamlessly integrate our system to yours.

​Loyalty Program


Make your business reach customers faster with a loyalty program via LINE Official Account. With LINE OA, customers would not need to install additional applications. So you can reduce the acquisition cost and start the program in a shorter amount of time.


5 main Features of Loyalty Program

Platform Design and Development​

Design and develop platform according to individual business needs

Best-in-class Point System​​

Flexible Point Earn mechanics to suit every scenarios

Rewards Redemption​

Redemption system that supports all types of rewards e.g., E-Voucher, Free sampling, Rewards that require Delivery


Create special mission and campaign through advanced gamification

Data Analytics​

Data analytics via on-platform behavioral data to offer Targeted and Personalized experiences

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