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Digital & Media Agency Partner

Go alone only gets you this far
Go together and we will create impact for billions of lives!

We’re looking Digital & Media Agency of all sizes

Join us as a partner if you are an agency of the following type : Media Agency, Digital Agency, Consulting Firm, and are looking for MarTech Tools such as Gamification Engine, Rule Based Engine, CRM Engine, CDP, and others that can help enhance the ROI and effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

BUZZEBEES offers a suite of ready-to-use tools that enable you to design diverse and tailored strategic plans to present to your clients, effectively meeting their unique business needs.

System Integrator & Developer Partner

We know you have a cool technology
Why not join us and make it even cooler?

We believe that no single platform can fully address every aspect of a client's needs. Therefore, we place our confidence in the power of partners to present the best solutions to clients by integrating their systems with ours.

Join us if you are: Companies that deliver client-specific solutions (System Integrators), specialized software development firms (Software Houses), or Consulting Firms looking for guidance in business expansion, or seeking to upgrade their business to be more globally standardized, will find a valuable partner in BuzzBees. With our experience and expertise in developing CRM systems, we can help you save on costs and resources in system development.

Join us as a partner to enhance your opportunities and gain a competitive edge in reaching your customers.

Rewards Partner

From family-owned restaurant to giant chain restaurant.
From small gadgets to home appliances.

We’re looking for Merchants in all categories.

Join us if your brands are: Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Traveling service, Fashion & Accessories, Home Appliances, Electronic Gadgets, Digital Products, Online platform and Gaming.

At BUZZEBEES, we boast the largest network of merchant partners in Thailand, and we are ambitiously expanding our network to become the world's largest. By joining us, merchants can significantly boost their sales by leveraging the opportunity to promote their product or service brands to our extensive user base, which exceeds 150 million across all our platforms. This vast reach not only simplifies the process of retaining existing customers but also facilitates the attraction of new ones. With BuzzBees' rich expertise and experience, we provide our merchant partners with an exceptionally user-friendly system, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Our platform includes a streamlined system for uploading products or services and features a notification system to alert merchants of reward redemptions – essentially signaling incoming orders


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