Privacy Policy


1.1. Welcome to Buzzebees, a platform operated by BUZZEBEES Company Limited and its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively "Buzzebees", "We", "Us", or "Our"). Buzzebees has its rigorous responsibility under the applicable law and privacy regulations ("Personal Data Protection Act"), and is committed to respecting and prioritizing the Buzzebees website and mobile application users' right to privacy (collectively "Platform") (We refer to the Platform and the services we provide as described in our Platform (collectively "Service")) and "Users" means a user who has registered an account with us and uses the Platform (separately and collectively called "User" "You" or "Your"). We recognize the importance of your personal data you provide to us, and we believe that it is our utmost responsibility to responsibly manage, protect, and process your personal data. This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy" or "Policy") has been designed to help you in understanding how we collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data and/or your data in our possession whether in the present or the future. Moreover, it is also an informed decision before you provide any personal data to us. Please read the Policy thoroughly, should you have questions regarding the information below, please refer to the title "Questions? Concerns? or Complaints? Please contact us" at the end of this Privacy Policy. "Personal Data" means information relating to a person which can be used as the information that can, directly or indirectly, identify that person; however, excluding the personal data of the specific predecessor.

1.2. To use our account registered service, visit the Platform, and/or access the service, you acknowledge and agree to accept the practices, terms, and/or policies that are set forth in this Privacy Policy. And that you give consent to collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy. Should you not consent to us processing your personal data as stated down below, please refrain from using the Service or accessing the Platform. We will notify you if there are any changes to our Privacy Policy, which includes posting such changes or modified Policy on the Platform. We reserve at any time, to the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law, the right to amend the Privacy Policy related to access to the Service and Platform. A product and/or service constantly order placement after the said amendment shall be deemed acknowledged and consented to the amendment of this Policy.

1.3 Should you be a minor or an underage person as described in the applicable law ("underage" or "child" or "children"), please do not submit any personal data to us, including your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address.

หากท่านเป็นผู้เยาว์หรือเด็กที่ยังไม่บรรลุนิติภาวะตามที่กฎหมายกำหนด (“ผู้เยาว์” หรือ “เด็ก”) โปรดอย่าส่งข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลใดๆ เกี่ยวกับท่านให้เรา รวมถึงชื่อ, ที่อยู่, หมายเลขโทรศัพท์หรืออีเมลของท่าน

ในด้านการรวบรวมและประมวลผลข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลนั้น เรามีหน้าที่พิเศษในการคุ้มครองเด็ก ไม่ว่าปัจจุบันหรือในอนาคต เราจะไม่รวบรวมข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลของเด็กที่ไม่ได้รับความยินยอมจากพ่อแม่หรือผู้ปกครองของเด็ก เราขอแจ้งเตือนพ่อแม่และผู้ปกครองให้ชี้แนะบุตรหลานของท่าน ว่าอย่าเปิดเผยหรือให้ข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลหากไม่ได้รับอนุญาตจากพ่อแม่/ผู้ปกครองก่อน หากเราทราบว่าเราได้รวบรวมข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลของเด็ก เราจะลบข้อมูลนั้นโดยเร็วที่สุด ทั้งนี้หากท่านคิดว่าเราอาจมีข้อมูลใด ๆ ที่มาจากหรือเกี่ยวข้องกับเด็ก โปรดติดต่อเราผ่านทางอีเมลของ DPO

1.4 Regarding the collection and processing of your personal data, we are especially committed to protecting the children. We will not, either in the present or in the future, collect any children's personal data without consent from children's parents or guardians. We would like to notify parents and guardians to guide your children not to unveil or provide their personal data without any prior consent from parents/guardians. If we find out that we have aggregated children's personal data, we shall delete the said data as soon as possible. However, should you believe that we might collect any information from/or related to children, please contact us via our Data Protection Officer's (DPO) E-mail.

1.5 This Policy applies in conjunction with notices of contract terms, and any consent agreement correlated with the collecting, using, disclosing, and/or processing of your personal data by us. Nevertheless, this Policy is not being superseded in the application of any notification or terms and conditions, unless prescribed expressly otherwise.  

2. When does BUZZEBEES collect Personal Data?

2.1 We will/might collect your Personal Data when:

(a) when you have accessed and/or used our Service and Platform, or registered an account with us.
(b) when you submitted the form; including but not limited to registration form or other form related to our Product and/or Services, either in document paper or online form.
(c) when you enter into any agreement with us or provide other documents or information in regard to your communications between us; or when you use our Products and/or services.
(d) when you approach us, for example via telephone (which will be recorded), letter, fax, in-person conference, social media platform or e-mail; including when you contact our customer service agents.
(e) when you use the Electronic Service or contact us via the Platform or use the Service. This is including but not limited to use through cookies which we might implement when you use or access the Application or Website.
(f) when you give permission via your devices to disclose any information with our Application or Platform.
(g) when you connect Buzzebees account with your social media account or other user account, or other social media features under the said service provider’s service policy.
(h) when you conduct a transaction via our Service.
(i) when you provide us suggestion or complaint.
(j) when you sign up for a campaign. 
(k) when you, for any reason, provide us with your Personal Data

The abovementioned policies are not thoroughly referenced in full detail and are only served as general example when we collect Personal Data about you.

3. What Personal Data does BUZZEBEES collect?

3.1 Personal Data that Buzzebees might collect is included but not limited to:

Objective Legal basis Collected Data
User authentication Product selling and Service providing
Contractual Basis
  • Name-Surname
  • E-mail address
  • The billing address and/or shipping address
  • Bank account details and billing information
  • Contact number
  • Location
  • Other information related to the User when they register to use our Service or our Platform and when the User uses the Service or Platform, and the data regarding to how they use the Service or Platform.
  • Pictures or recordings or saved videos
  • Financial details and/or payment information
  • Social Media Account
  • Line ID
Age verification
Legal basis (Personal Data Protection Act)
  • Date/Month/Year of birth
Consent basis
  • Date/Month/Year of birth
  • Sex
  • Contact number
  • E-mail
  • Line ID / Social Media Account
  • Transaction and usage information, including the browsed product list, order list, the traffic data related to advertising media and Platform’s content, and the Product and Service details relevant to you.
  • Data related to website user’s behavior/website activity tracking (Clickstream/online website tracking)/browsing history/types of website traffic/data related to User’s activity (for example: the webpage and the content that you access, User’s time spent on the webpage, User’s used features, the number of visits to a website)
User authentication to prevent the money laundering.
Legal basis (Anti-Money Laundering Act)
  • Personally identifiable information issued by the state agencies, or other information which is important for us to examine (due diligence). The process of verifying the new customer’s identity (know your customer) KYC, e-KYC (identity verification)
Network trafficking data collection
Legal basis (Cybercrime Act)
  • IP Address
  • Mobiles ID
  • Device Model
  • Other information which can use to personally identify natural person.
Surveillance footage (CCTV)
The legitimate interest of Data Protection Officer
  • Picture(s)
  • Moving picture(s)

3.2 You agree not to provide us with any false or misleading information and agree to notify us of a wrong information or a change of the said information. We, as deemed appropriate, reserve the right to ask for other documents to confirm the information that you have provided to us.

3.3 In the event that you signed up to be our Platform User via a Social Media Account or linked Buzzebees account with your Social Media Account, we might access your information that you have already consented to provide to the Social Media Account provider under that provider’s service policy. We will always manage and use your Personal Data under the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

3.4 Should you not wish us to collect the abovementioned Data/Personal Data, you may withdraw your consent at any time through the Platform or by a written report to our Data Protection Officer. You can read the additional information regarding the withdrawal at the end in “How you can cancel, delete, or change the provided information”. However, please be informed that the cancellation of Personal Data collection or the withdrawal of consent to be collected, used, shared, or processed your Personal Data might affect your service experience. For example, to withdraw the consent to be collected data relating to the location is deemed as the deactivation of this feature.

4. Collection of other information

4.1 In accessing most web platforms and mobile applications, your device sends out data that might contain your information which will be contained in web servers when you browse our Platform. This generally includes but is not limited to your device’s IP address (Internet Protocol/IP address), computer/mobile device operating system, version of the internet browsers, mobile device type, mobile features, Unique Device Identifier (UDID), and Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) of your mobile device, the address of referenced webpage (if available), the page that you visited through our web Platform and mobile application and the time visited, and sometimes including “cookies” (which you can disable through your device setting). To help the Platform remember your last visited, when you sign in this data will be linked to your account. It will be used for anonymous statistical purposes to help us understand the behavior of visitors when using our Platform.

4.2 Our mobile application might collect detailed information regarding the devices’ location using technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. We collect, use, disclose, and/or process the information for the purposes stated in paragraph 6.1 under one or more purposes. Including but not limited to User requested location-based services, sending you relevant content based on

4.3 Our mobile application might collect detailed information regarding the devices’ location using technologies such as GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. We collect, use, disclose, and/or process the information for the purposes stated in paragraph 6.1 under one or more purposes. Including but not limited to User requested location-based services, sending you relevant content based on your location, or allowing you to share your location with other Users as part of the services in our mobile application. You can revoke the right to have us retrieve your location information through your device settings. Should you have questions according to how to disable location services on your mobile device, please contact your mobile device carrier or manufacturer.

4.4 The same way you access any pages on our web Platform and mobile application. When you visit our content, advertisements, and access other software on our Platform or Services, almost the same information will be sent to us. (Including but not limited to IP Address and operating system etc.) However, despite sending information about your visit to different pages, your device will transfer information about the visited contents, advertisements, and/or software that are installed through The Service, The Platform and the time visited us.

5. Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data which are embedded in your computer or device when you visit the website. Then Cookies will be sent back to the origin website each time of the visits or to other websites which recognize them. These Cookies are used to help the website function or make it work more efficiently, including providing the data to the website’s owner.

Session Cookies are cookies that are temporarily last. They will be used during your website visit and will be expired when you close the browser.

Persistent Cookies are cookies that are stored on the devices until expiration or deletion. They are used to help users’ devices remember your website configuration and they will remain on your computer or mobile phone even if you have closed the website. The said cookies assist with the data orchestrated and enhance the performance when you visit the website or use the service.

The first party’s cookies are the cookies that are configured by your visited website.

The third party’s cookies are the cookies that are configured by the third party’s website apart from your currently visited website. For example, data service providers, advertisements, or website analytics.

Similar technologies are the technologies used to collect data in your browsers or devices to share or store information. For examples, flash cookies, HTML 5, and other methods of website software application.

How do we use cookies?

We will store your web traffic via cookies or similar technologies for the following purposes:

(a)to make the access to user’s accounts on our website continuous and safe
(b)to record your data usage and setting on our website
(c)to analyze your usage behavior on our website

Types of cookies that we use.

ประเภทคุกกี้ที่เราใช้บนเว็บไซต์ มีดังต่อไปนี้

Strictly Necessary Cookies
This type of cookies is deemed essential for the website’s operation since they make the server respond to your usage, support the displayed website structure, and give you the stable using experience during the website visit.

Functional Cookies
This type of cookies helps the website to recognize you when you access the website the next time. The data that is stored in this form makes us able to customize the website to match your preference and provide you with efficiency and personalized features to facilitate your website usage. Normally, the data that has been collected by this type of cookies is anonymous; therefore, your identity cannot be directly detectable.

Analytical/Performance Cookies
This type of cookies assists us in analyzing or evaluating the website's performance, including tracking the website's performance outcome, measuring the number of webpages opened and individual visitors, to analyze the behavioral pattern of the Users. We use this information to enhance the Users' experience or seek the part of the Website that might need to be adjusted. However, the said information does not consist of personal data, for instance, name and e-mail address; thus, it cannot be used to identify you and will be used for statistical purposes only.

Targeting Cookie
This type of cookies is used for advertising or target group selection related to user behavior. It will be installed on your devices to record the website traffic data and the visited, used, or followed link. The retrieved data will be used to adjust the website and advertisement campaign, or our and/or business partners' promotion to present the Products and/or Services, and/or personal experiences that match your interest.

Choices of Cookies

In the event that you do not prefer to use cookies on our website, you can adjust your setting through your browser or by yourself when visiting the website and/or application to your satisfaction. However, if you choose to disable or delete some of the cookies in your browser's setting, some features or functions on the website might not work to correspond with their objectives.

In the event that you do not prefer to use cookies on our website, you can adjust your setting through your browser or by yourself when visiting the website and/or application to your satisfaction. However, if you choose to disable or delete some of the cookies in your browser's setting, some features or functions on the website might not work to correspond with their objectives.

Modification and Amendment of cookie policy.

We might occasionally amend this cookie policy, and you will be informed of the amended terms and conditions through our website.

6. How do we use the information you provide to us?

6.1 We might collect, use, disclose, and/or process your personal data for one or more of the following objectives:

(a) to consider and/or process your submission/transaction to us, or your transaction or communication with the third party through The Service
(b) to manage and/or administrate your use of and/or access to our Service and web Platform, including your connection and User account registered with us.
(c) to accept, process, manage, and complete the transaction and/or to fulfill your requests regarding Products and Services, and notify you about the Service and account-related issues and abnormalities.
(d) to implement the terms of service or User license agreement with relevant Users.
(e) to protect the safety and personal property title, or others’ safety.
(f) to identify, verify, or examine (due diligence), or to conduct ‘Know Your Customers’ (KYC).
(g) to preserve and control the software updates and/or other updates, and occasionally provide required support to ensure that our Service will run seamlessly.
(h) to manage or facilitate customer service, comply with your command, manage, or answer your inquiries that we receive (or claim to have received) from you or on your behalf
(i) to contact or communicate with you through voice call, text, and/or fax, e-mail, and/or postal mail; or in other forms for the purpose of managing and/or managing customer relationship between You and Us or using our Services. Including but not limited to communication of administrative information relevant to the Services between You and Us. You acknowledge and agree that our abovementioned communications might be conducted through correspondence letters or documents for the purpose of authorizing other people to interact with you or seeing some of your activities on Platform. This includes notifying you when other Users send You private messages, post a comment for You on the Platform, or connect with You by using other social media features on the Platform, or the announcement which might relate to the disclosure of some of your personal information on the envelope/outer package for the purpose of delivering.
(j) to allow other Users to interact and connect with You, or see some of your activities on the Platform, including notifying you when other Users send you private messages, post a comment for you on the Platform, or connect with you by using other social media features on the Platform.
(k) to study, analyze, and improve activities (This includes but is not limited to data analysis, surveys, Products, and Services development, and/or data analysis according to your interests or behavior.)
(l) for marketing and advertising purposes relating to the marketing campaign. In this regard, we will inform you in several ways in relation to marketing procedures, information, and media relating to marketing activities associated with Products and/or Services (Including but not limited to products and/or services of other parties that Buzzebees might cooperate with or enter into an agreement with each other.) Buzzebees (and/or its affiliates or related corporations) might sell, conduct the marketing, or arrange the sale promotion; both for current Products or Services and to be made available later. You can, at any time, cancel receiving marketing advertisements by selecting the unsubscribe function provided in online marketing media. We might use your contact information to send letter, or marketing media from us or related companies.
(m) to act in response to legal proceedings, or comply with the applicable law, state policies, or relevant regulations under the related jurisdictions; or when we, in good faith, believe that disclosure of your information is deemed necessary for us. This includes but is not limited to the procedures that Buzzebees, or its related corporations or affiliates, need to ensure that such disclosure is following the legal requirements. (Including displaying your contact information, and company name (if requires))
(n) to conduct the statistical data and research for the internal report and legal purposes and/or in accordance with the record-keeping requirements.
(o) to conduct research relevant to business background or other screening activities (including but not limited to background checks) following the legal obligations, regulations, or our risk assessments required by law or that we have adopted.
(p) to examine our Services or Buzzebee’s business
(q) to prevent and monitor the violation or suspected violation relating to our terms and conditions, fraud, illegal activities, omission, or misconduct whether related to the use of our services or any activities that originated from the relationship between you and us.
(r) to respond to a claim or threatening claim towards Buzzebees, or other claims which accused that the “content” infringes the rights of another person.
(s) to store, host, and backup (whether for the damages recovery or other reasons) your Personal Data, whether in or out of the authorization power.
(t) to process and/or facilitate the transaction of the business’s assets or the potential business’ assets, in which the transaction is related to Buzzebees as a person who involves in, or related to its related corporates, or its affiliates as a participant only. Or correlate with Buzzebees and/or its company, or its affiliate, at least one party, as a participant. There might be a third party that involved in such transactions. “Business Asset Transaction” means any sales, purchases, renting, merging, acquisitions, disposing, or transfer of capital to the organization or any part of organization or business, or to other organization’s assets and/or
(u) other purposes that we inform you at the time of your consent (collectively the “Purpose”)
(น)  วัตถุประสงค์อื่นใดที่เราได้แจ้งแก่ท่าน ณ เวลาที่ได้รับความยินยอมจากท่าน (รวมเรียกว่า “วัตถุประสงค์”)

6.2 You acknowledge, consent, and agree that Buzzebees might access, preserve, and disclose the information in your account including the “Content” required by law, court order, or any state agencies which has jurisdiction over Buzzebees; or, in good faith, believe that it must be done to (a) comply with any legal procedures (b) comply with any state agencies’ order (c) fulfill the terms and conditions of this privacy policy (d) comply with any claims, whether threatened or openly, files to Buzzebees or any claims which stated that the “Content” violates any rights of any person (e) fulfill your requests related to customer services (f) protect Buzzebees’ rights, assets, and people security, along with its User and/or public community

6.3 Since the Purpose of collection, disclosing, and/or processing your Personal Data are depending on the immediate situation; therefore, it might not be presented abovementioned. However, we will inform you about such Purposes at the time we request your consent, unless the data processing which waived your consent is required by law.

7. How does Buzzebees protect and collect the customers’ personal data?

7.1 We, with the best efforts, use various security protocols to ensure that your Personal Data preserved in our system is safe. It will be contained in a secured network and a specified employee will have limited access to such a system. However, we cannot fully guarantee the security of your Personal Data.

7.2 We will protect your Personal Data in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act and/or any relevant law. By doing so, we will destroy or make your Personal Data anonymous immediately if any resounding causes happen, following (a) our Purpose of Personal Data collecting is not relevant to how such Data is contained (b) it is no longer necessary to keep such records for legal or business purposes (c) there is no more legitimate interest to preserve the Personal Data of that person. Should you stop using the Platform, or exercising your right to use the Platform, and/or your Services have been revoked or terminated, we might continuously store, use, and/or disclose Personal Data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and our obligations under this law and the applicable law. We might securely destroy your Personal Data without any prior notice.

8. Does Buzzebees disclose the information gathered from visitors to the third party?

8.1 We might need to use, process, disclose and/or transfer Personal Data to the third party, agents, and/or affiliates, and/or the other third party which might be located inside or outside Thailand, which are the service providers in conducting our business. For the purposes set out in paragraph 6.1 and for one or more purposes, such service providers might process your Personal Data on our behalf, or in other means for the one or more purposes stated in paragraph 6.1. We are committed to ensuring that the third party and our affiliate keep your Personal Data safe from accessing, using, disclosing, or abusing data processing or other similar threat, and we will store your Personal Data only for the Purposes stated in paragraph 6.1. Such third parties include but not limited to:

(a) our affiliates, conglomerates, and related companies
(b) service providers, buyers, or sellers that you have conducted a transaction or communicated with through the Platform, or in relation to the use of Services for the Purpose abovementioned
(c) other Users of the web platform for the one or more purposes specified in paragraph 6.1
(d) contractors, agents, service providers, and other third parties that we use to support our business. These included but are not limited to the abovementioned person which provides administrative services or other services, such as mailing or logistic services, financial services, advertising media, and marketing partner companies, telecommunication companies, information technology service companies, and data centers.
(e) state agencies and any regulators with authorized power over Buzzebees, or as such permission set out in paragraph 6.2
(f) buyers, transferees, successors in the event of a merger, capital withdrawal, restructuring, reorganizing, liquidation, or selling or transferring some or all of Buzzebees’ assets. Either as an ongoing operation or a part of bankruptcy, completely liquidation, or similar operations by which our customers’ Personal Data in our courtesy is a part of transferred assets.
(g) the third party that we disclose the information for one or more Purposes described in paragraph 6.1, and the said parties might collect and process your Personal Data for one or more Purposes specified in paragraph 6.1

8.2 We might share, including statistical and demographic information related to the Users or the usage data of our Users, to advertising media partners and other person who provide us advertisement, remarketing, and/or programming 

8.3 To avoid confusion, if the Personal Data Protection Act or other relevant law authorizes organizations, such as us, to collect, use, or disclose your Personal Data without your consent, such authorization shall be continuously enforced under the applicable law. We might use your Personal Data to process the relevant legal data based on one or more bases in combination relating to the specified Purposes stated in paragraph 6.1. Including legal basis to comply with legal obligations, contractual basis to enter into the agreement with You, for legitimate interests, and our Purposes for using the information. We will take the implications of your rights to the protection of Personal Data into consideration for any other benefits that you give consent to us in the future when we necessary and occasionally ask for, or when necessary for filing legal complaints.

8.4 The third party might illegally restrict or access the Personal Data which has been forwarded to or remain on the Platform. The technology might malfunction, or not perform as expected, or any person might access or use the Data improperly or misuse the Data without any causes root from us. However, we will use reasonable safety procedures to protect your Personal Data as required by the Personal Data Protection Act, but we cannot absolutely guarantee safety in an inevitable event. Such as but not limited to when the unauthorized disclosure roots from a high-level malicious cyberattack by a discontented person without any reasons motivated by us.

8.5 As set forth in Buzzebees' terms and conditions, any Users (including employees, agents, representatives, or any person who act on behalf of or for the Users) that possesses the Data of other "Users" by using our Services (The "Data Receivers") acknowledge and agree that those Users (a) must comply with all Personal Data Protection laws applicable in relation to the Data, including collect, process, preserve, or transfer that Data (b) allow Buzzebees or other "Users" which are the owner of their Personal Data that is collected by the Data Receivers (The"Disclosers") to delete their Personal Data from the database of the Data Receivers; and (c) allow Buzzebees or the Disclosers to examine that what Data of them has been collected by the Data Receivers according to (a) or (b) to comply with and fulfill the obligations stated in the applicable law.

8.6 Regardless of what is set forth in this Policy, the Service Providers, or merchants (including employees, agents, representative, or any person that act in regard of the Service Providers or merchants) must comply with all Personal Data Protection laws applicable. For any Personal Data of the Users obtain from Buzzebees, we (a) do not allow the use of the User's Personal Data, unless there are any reasonable requirements to answer the Users' inquiries, and to enforce, reenact, process, or complete any transaction without any prior written notice from the Users and Buzzebees (b) might not contact the Users by using their Personal Data outside Buzzebees' Platform (c) does not allow to disclose the User's Personal Data to other people without prior written consent from the Users and Buzzebees (d) shall use an adequate safety protocol to protect, as individuals, the Users' Personal Data under their possession, and it shall be kept only as long as necessary for the Purposes set out in this paragraph and in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act. Moreover, it should be noted that they must delete or return the Data to Buzzebees upon request or as soon as possible after the completion of the transaction, and (e) shall inform Buzzebees' Personal Data Protection Officer at in case there is any suspicious breaches of Personal Data or loss of that Users' Personal Data.

9. Children’s Information

This Service is not intended to serve children under 10 or 20 years old, depending on the reasonable Products and Services. We will not collect or maintain any Personal Data, or identifiable public data from the Users that are under 20 years of age or arrange a part of the Platform or any of our Services to intentionally display to the children that are under 10 or 20 years old. We request the parents or legal guardian to keep the children under your guardianship to send their Personal Data to Buzzebees. However, if there are any Personal Data sent from the Users under 10 or 20 years of age to Buzzebees, or any Personal Data processor, which we have the agreement to process the Personal Data with them, that you are currently using their service, it will be deemed that you are consented to have us possess the Data, and you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms set forth in this Policy in behalf of the children. Nonetheless, we will close the account used by children and will remove and/or delete any Personal Data which we believe has been transmitted from children age under 10 or 20 years old without any consent from their parents or legal guardians.

10. Information Collected by the Third Parties.

We and the third parties might provide the Services that occasionally included Application software download to let you use the Service or use throughout the Services. These applications might be accessed separately and allow the third parties to retrieve the information that can identify you. Including your name, User ID, and your computer's IP address, or any other information such as cookies that you have previously installed, or that the third Parties application or web platform has installed for you. In addition, these applications might ask you to provide additional information to them directly. The products or services of the third parties which have been provided through the application are neither Buzzebees' Products or Services nor are controlled by Buzzebees. We recommend that you read the terms and conditions published by the abovementioned third parties on such web Platforms or others.

11. Disclaimer regarding security and third-party sites.

11.1 We do not guarantee the security of your given Personal Date and/or other Data that you provided on third-party’s platform. We do implement a variety of safety measures to maintain the safety of your Personal Data that is in our possession or control. Your Personal Data is contained behind the secured network and is only accessible by a limited number of employees which are the people who have special access to the abovementioned system and have the obligation to keep the Personal Data confidential. When you place orders or access your Personal Data, we recommend you use a secured server. All Personal Data or sensitive data will be encrypted in our database and could be accessed by the abovementioned person only.

11.2 Since we attempt to provide you with increased benefits, we might choose various third-party’s web platform to link to or install within the Platform. We may also participate in co-developing with other brands or enter any other relationships to offer e-commerce transaction and/or other services and features to our visitors. These connected platforms have separate and independent privacy policies as well as security management. Even though the third-party is our affiliate, we have no control over these connected platforms since each of them have their separate and independent privacy policy and data collection practices. The data collected by our co-brand partners or third party’s web platform (even if displayed on or through our web platform) might not be received from us.

11.3 Thus, we have no responsibility or liability for the content, security management (or lack thereof) and activities of these connected platforms. They are served only for your convenience and you, therefore, access them at your own risk. However, we seek to protect the integrity of our Platform and the links placed upon each of it; therefore, we welcome any feedbacks and comments regarding these connected platforms. (Including, without any limitations, if a specific link is not working.)

12. Will Buzzebees transfer your data to the overseas?

Your Personal Data and/or Data might be transferred, stored, or processed outside the territory of Thailand for one or more Purposes set forth in paragraph 6.1. They will mostly be processed in Singapore and will have Hongkong (the People's Republic of China) as the backup server and where our servers are located. Buzzebees will transfer your Data to overseas as prescribed and allowed by the Personal Data Protection Act only.

13. The Rights You have as the Owner of the Personal Data.

13.1 Consent giving: You have a right to choose to give or agree to have us store, use, and disclose your Personal Information or not. However, you shall note that giving incomplete Data as we requested, or do not give consent to store, use, and disclose the said information might result in the restriction in using some of our Services, or completely unable to provide the Services to you if the said information is important for us to provide you the Services.

13.2 Access to the Data: If you have an account with us, you might access and/or correct your Personal Data which is in our possession or under our control through the account settings in the Platform. Should you do not have an account with us, you might access and/or correct your Data in our possession or our control by filing a written request to us. However, we must obtain an adequate amount of information from you to examine your identity, and the type of your request to proceed and manage your requests. Please fill your written requests by accessing our Application and/or Website that you use our Services to edit your Data For requesting access to Personal Data, when we retrieve an adequate amount of Data to proceed with your filing, we will handle the relevant Personal Data within 30 (thirty) days. Should we be unable to respond to your request within the said 30 (thirty) days, please noted that some of the Personal Data might be unable to access in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


สำหรับการร้องขอเพื่อเข้าถึงข้อมูลส่วนบุคคล เมื่อเรามีข้อมูลของท่านอย่างเพียงพอที่จะดำเนินการแล้ว เราจะให้ข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลที่เกี่ยวข้องแก่ท่านภายใน 30 (สามสิบ) วัน หากเราไม่สามารถตอบสนองการร้องขอของท่านภายใน 30 (สามสิบ) วันดังกล่าว เราจะแจ้งให้ท่านทราบเกี่ยวกับระยะเวลาที่เร็วที่สุดที่เราสามารถให้ข้อมูลที่ท่านร้องขอได้ โปรดทราบว่ากฎหมายคุ้มครองข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลอาจยกเว้นข้อมูลส่วนบุคคลบางประเภทจากการร้องขอการเข้าใช้งานของท่าน

13.3 Dissent: You have a right to dissent the storing, using, and disclosing of the Personal Data which is relevant to you. If the said Data can be collected without your consent, or it has been stored, used, or disclosed for the purpose of direct marketing, or market researching.

13.4 Delete or destroy the Personal Data: You have a right to request us to delete or destroy the Personal Data that we have collected or have us make the said Data anonymous. Should you withdraw or oppose to have us collect, use, or disclose the Personal Data relating to you, or when it is no longer necessary to store, use, or disclose in accordance with the Purposes that you have given us your consent, or when we do not comply with the law relating to Personal Data Protection.

13.5 Suspending: You have a right to request us to temporarily suspend the use of your Personal Data if we are currently in the process of fact processing or examination of your request. Moreover, should you have the right to request us to delete or destroy your Personal Data, you might ask us to suspend the use of said Data instead of the deletion or destruction.

13.6 Editing: You have a right to request us to edit your given Personal Data to be present, complete, and not cause misunderstanding. If we have an adequate amount of your Data to proceed to the next step, we will:

(a) editing your Personal Data within 30 (thirty) days. If we cannot edit your Personal Data within the time given, we will inform you about the fastest time for the editing action. Please note that the Personal Data Protection Act might exempt some of the personal data from the editing requests, including specifying when the corrections will be done in various situations; even if it is requested by you
(b) we will send the edited Personal Data to every organization that we have disclosed the information within one year before the correction date, except that organization does not want the edited Personal Data for the purposes of law or business, and;
(c) Notwithstanding paragraph 13.6 (c), we might, upon your request, send the edited Personal Data to a specific organization to which we have disclosed the Personal Data within one year before the correction date

We reserve the right to refuse to correct your Personal Data in accordance with the terms prescribed in the Personal Data Protection Act that gives right to the organization to refuse the correction of personal data.

13.7 Consent Withdrawal: You might withdraw your consent to be collected, used, and/or disclosed, and/or might request us to delete your Personal Data in our possession or control. By doing so, you could go to the application and/or website that you use our Services. We will process your request to withdraw your consent in accordance with the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy, the Personal Data Protection Act, and other related laws. However, withdrawing your consent might prevent us from provide you our Services, which could consequently result in the termination of the existing relationship and/or the contract between us.

13.8 Complaint filing: Should you come across that our employees or contractor do not abide by the law according to personal protection, you have the right to file the complaint to the Personal Data Protection Committee.

By exercising your right, you acknowledge that your rights as the owner of Personal Data as prescribed in paragraph 13.1 to 13.8 are the right that has relevant legal constraints. Moreover, we can refuse to exercise your right if we have legitimate reasons to reject the use of said rights.

To the extent of legal permission, we might charge a reasonable fee for processing and handling your requests to access the Personal Data. If we choose to charge the fee, we will provide you with the estimated fee in the written document form. Please note that we do not need to respond to or process any of your requests to access your Data unless you agree to pay us a fee.

In addition to the case that we use Personal Data to act in accordance with the contractual obligations and legal obligations, should you not agree to have us use your Personal Data, you can still use our Services, but you might receive less convenience in using them because we do not have the consent to use Personal Data for the purposes of providing you with the services in the fullest extent.

Should you not receive convenience services, you can send an email to our data protection officer at the email address

14. Terms and Conditions

Please read and refer to the terms and conditions of the Services where the usages, disclaimers, and limitation of liability control the Platform and Services using and other related policies.

15. CCTV Privacy Declaration

We acknowledge that your Personal Data recorded by CCTV is important. We will adhere to and comply with the standard in accordance with privacy and your confidentiality safety and will maintain said Data to be confidential to ensure that your Data is kept, used, and disclosed according to the Purposes and legal compliance. Therefore, we would like to declare CCTV Privacy Declaration to you.

15.1 Objectives

We use Closed-circuit television (CCTV) in and around the vicinity of the company to record the specific area, to ensure the security and stability of the premises, assets, employees, customers, and visitors.

15.1.1 to protect your personal health and safety, including your assets
15.1.2 to protect our building, facilities, and assets from damages, impediments, vandalism, and other crimes
15.1.3 to support other organizations in law enforcement to prevent, protect, investigate, and legal proceedings
15.1.4 to assist in the dispute settlement procedure which occurred during the disciplinary proceedings or grievance proceedings
15.1.5 to assist in the interrogation process or complaint filing
15.1.6 to assist in the initiation or prevention of civil proceedings, including but not limited to legal proceedings related to hiring procedures

15.2 Legal Bases used in Personal Data Processing

We gathered your Personal Data under these legal bases:

15.2.1 the necessity to protect or prevent you, or other people, from life or health-threatening dangers
15.2.2 the necessity to ensure our legitimate interests or others’, by which the said interests are not less important than your basic rights to Personal Data.
15.2.3 the necessity to abide by the relevant law, which regulates work safety and environment, and our assets
Including but not limited to the Occupational, Security, and Environment Act, we deemed using CCTV as the essential measure to help us comply with these obligations

15.3 Types of Personal Data that We collected

For purposes set forth in paragraph 15.2, the company has installed close-circuited television (CCTV) in a visible position with warning signs stated that there are CCTV being used at the entrance and the exit, outside and inside the building, including the area that we deem appropriate to be monitored, to collect your Personal Data when you enter the vicinity in these forms

  1. Pictures
  2. Moving picture(s)
  3. Sound
  4. Pictures of your property. For example, vehicles, bags, hats, and garments.

Nonetheless, the company will not install CCTV in the area that might inappropriately infringe your basic rights, including toilets, shower rooms, or relaxing areas for the workers

15.4 Personal Data Processing Procedures

15.4.1 The company might collect, use, disclose, or process your Personal Data for the purposes below

(a) the protection of life, body, health, personal safety, and assets of any persons
(b) the protection and defense of our premises, facilities, and assets from damages, disturbance, destruction, and other crimes
(c) to assist the law enforcement organization to protect, investigate and conduct criminal proceedings, and prevent the crime to happen
(d) to assist the dispute settlement during the disciplinary proceedings or grievance proceedings to be effective
(f) to assist the interrogation or the process relevant to the whistleblowing process
(g) to assist the initiation of or the ongoing civil procedures

15.4.2 The company’s CCTV works 24 hours a day, except if there is any system malfunction or maintenance
15.4.3 The company installs the appropriate signs within the monitoring area to inform you of the use of CCTV and Personal Data recording

15.5 Safety Measures

We will manage to keep the Personal Data with corporate and technical measures not less than the legal requirements along with the appropriate system, to protect and maintain the safety of the said Personal Data in the restricted access system.

15.6 The Disclosure of Personal Data to The Third Party.

15.6.1 We might disclose your Personal Data to the third party (including our affiliates and service providers) when we consider that it is important to disclose them for the purposes abovementioned.
15.6.2 We might disclose your Personal Data to the law enforcement organization when it is necessary to disclose to fulfill our legal obligations and to support or assist them to prevent, investigate, and conduct the criminal proceedings.
15.6.3 We might let the CCTV Vendor access the Data for the purposes of specifically system maintenance with permission from us, and the vendor must have the personal data protection system which received the authorization from us to access the Personal Data in the CCTV.

15.7 Retention Period of the Personal Data

To fulfill the purpose of monitoring by using the CCTV device set forth in this announcement, the company will keep the Personal Data relevant to you in CCTV for a period not exceeding 45 (forty-five) days since the day you entered the company’s building or premises. After the expiration of the said period, the footage stored by the CCTV will be automatically deleted.

16. Contact our Personal Data Controller.

You can reach out to each company’s data protection officer. Besides, you can also look at the policies and directly contact the Service’s Application and/or Website that you use our Service(s) for any further questions

However, should you have any inquiries, suggestions, or concerns about our Privacy Policy guidelines, please contact Buzzebees through the below address so we can provide you with more information in accordance with personal data protection.

Personal Data Controller
Address: 100/81-84 and 100/86-87 Wongvanij Complex B Building, floor 25th and 26th Rama IX road, Huaykwang, Huaykwang, Bangkok
Telephone number: 02 645 0014

Data Protection Officer