BUZZEBEES Advances into Singapore, Speaking at TechXLR8, Asia's Major Technology Event Hosted by ATxSG


BUZZEBEES Expands to Singapore, Presents at TechXLR8, Asia's Major Technology Event Organized by ATxSG

Michael Chen, CEO of BUZZEBEES, delivered a presentation titled "The Power of Loyalty & Engagement Platform" on the Cyber Stage at TechXLR8, one of Asia's biggest technology events organized by ATxSG23. In his talk, he discussed the challenges of building loyalty in an era where consumers are increasingly willing to switch brands. He emphasized the importance of focusing on engagement rather than just getting customers to love a brand. BUZZEBEES drew insights from its ecosystem, which includes over 145 million accounts, to provide a compelling case study for the event's attendees.

In the event, three key points were summarized, which enable brands to retain existing customers, attract new customers, and achieve rapid business growth. These points are as follows:

1. Excellent Platform: The platform must be designed with user-friendly UX/UI that suits the target audience.

2. Effective Engagement Capabilities: Design features that benefit users and are relevant to the product to foster continuous engagement.

3. Strong Business Partnerships: Collaborating with strategic partners can provide comprehensive solutions and facilitate rapid business growth, helping to address challenges effectively.

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