Tesco Lotus

Development of a CRM application to serve Tesco Lotus Clubcard customers


Tesco Lotus is a hypermarket chain with over 2,000 stores in Thailand, serving 15 million customers each week. The company has been nurturing relationships with its clients through Clubcard loyalty program, offering rewards in the form of traditional vouchers and discount coupons.


Embracing the benefits of digital transformation, Tesco Lotus wanted a CRM application where customers could easily access their profile and points, and redeem rewards in real time, eliminating the cases of lost or damaged printed discount coupons.


Download Application Tesco Lotus Clubcard


We developed the Tesco Lotus Clubcard application and integrated cutting-edge features that let customers access and edit their personal information, transfer points, and redeem the rewards in real-time, helping Tesco Lotus create a stronger base of loyal customers.