Development of a CRM application and integration of the existing client database


Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited is Thailand's leading energy company with a commitment to the environment and society. Today, Bangchak distributes its refined fuel through over 1,000 service stations nationwide.


Bangchak wanted to better understand their consumer behavior through a new CRM application with an integration of the existing client databases from three different types of memberships: Bangchak Green Miles, Gasohol Club, and Diesel Club.


Download Application Bangchak


We developed the Bangchak application and website to provide end users with a seamless rewards redemption experience. Our rewards notification feature successfully increased the number of Bangchak membership sign-ups by three times within two months.

Bangchak application’s features let users:
  • Check fuel prices in real-time
  • Find locations of Bangchak service stations
  • Check rewards and history
  • Redeem discounts and deals
  • Donate points to charity