Surprise Box: A Technique to Amplify Consumer Engagement through Excitement


Humans are creatures with logical thinking. So, when it comes to choosing a brand to purchase, use, or engage with, it is by default that we use logic to lead our decision. However, humans’ logics can be (and are frequently) overcome with emotions. Emotional connection between brands and customers cannot be underestimated as it can shape the way customers think and act. Among all emotions, ‘excitement’ is one of the most unparalleled in its power.

With a database encompassing over 160 million accounts on various platforms, BUZZEBEES has observed that campaigns sparking anticipation about what consumers will receive from a brand—the type of product, its value, and quantity—significantly boost excitement and eagerness to participate, more so than other campaign types. When consumers know that they have a chance to receive rewards that have more value than what they have put into, participation not only increases but also becomes more frequent and widespread. This marketing tool offers several advantages:


1. Enhance Consumer Engagement

Excitement and anticipation are proven to have great influence over consumer participation. For example, a beverage brand's Surprise Box campaign saw a 55% increase in engagement compared to normal periods.


2. Make the Brand More Attractive

In today's competitive business environment, traditional marketing tactics may not yield as effective results as before. Introducing new, innovative gimmicks allows consumers to interact with the brand in fresh and unique ways, fostering a fresh perception and improving their relationship with the brand.


3. Improve Customer Satisfaction

While there might be concerns about consumers being disappointed if their expectations surpass what they receive, in reality, such campaigns set the expectation that not everyone will win the top prize or jackpot. If managed properly, ensuring that the products distributed do not fall below a certain standard or fail to offer value, the likelihood of consumer dissatisfaction is minimal.


4. Control Costs Effectively

Since only the brand knows what will be distributed, it can directly manage expenses. This also presents an opportunity to clear out inventory without disappointing consumers with near-expiry or expired products, thus enhancing consumer satisfaction while managing costs effectively.

These campaigns are particularly suitable for brands with a diverse range of products, as they keep consumers guessing about what they might receive, while also managing inventory efficiently. Ideal occasions for such campaigns include festivals or brand anniversaries.

With more than 12 years of experience, BUZZEBEES is confident that our features can meet the diverse needs of brands, ensuring our partners can depend on our solutions to always stay connected. This approach not only enhances our partners' competitive edge but also elevates the entire CRM ecosystem.