Buzzebees launched “Buzzebees Z-Through”, a new digital marketing solution.

Last year, Buzzebees launched a new digital marketing solution called “Buzzebees Z-Through” using enormous Big Data via Buzzebees Eco-System to strengthen its marketing strategies. Buzzebees has thoroughly researched and has constantly developed its Eco-System for over 2 years. It has got proven result from partners utilizing Buzzebees Z-Through in terms of increasing sales growth.

Start with collecting consumer behavior data and deeply analyzing it to understand their behavior. How much time do they spend viewing a product? Or checking scrolling speed to acknowledge what products really interest them? The platform can accurately assess consumer behavior and their lifestyles, simply by adding a hashtag about what interests them on the internet. The results will make a huge impact in enhancing your marketing approaches like never before. The platform is believed to be the current and future trend of digital marketing, which will shift the landscape of marketing campaigns used by organizations sooner than later.

Additionally, Eco-System allows you to accurately target your customers as well as create promotional campaigns tailored to their needs. Even campaign customization for a specific group is feasible. Not only is it efficient, but it also meets brands’ and digital marketers’ expectations since it’s cost-effective and can increase profits. Besides, Buzzebees Z-Through has its own way of advertising and creating promotions, which differentiates it from the traditional method. It is possible to launch a single promotion nationwide, such as buy 1 get 1 nationwide, though it could be too broad as some of your customers use the product regularly, so they tend to repeat purchase eventually. Therefore, the best practice is to target those who are using a similar product or hesitate to buy your product, to change their mind and steal them away from your competitors by releasing a more captivating promotional campaign or launching a buy 1 get 1 promotion to a specific group or even individually. For instance, customers who love doing fitness in the morning before leaving for work and prefer having Japanese food on a daily basis may be attracted by a yearly special price fitness package in the morning along with a free voucher from a Japanese restaurant. This technique not only saves a lot of your marketing cost, but also helps boost customer acquisition powerfully.

If you are interested in Buzzebees Z-Through, please contact Ms. Apinya Sopittanon at Buzzebees Co., Ltd. 087-556-2822, so we can visit your company personally and give advice on how to choose effective campaigns for your organization. We would be pleased to be a part of your organization and help you achieve your goals in today’s digital marketing world.