Don’t judge the future by the present ideas

“We love to foresee the upcoming trend and we can see that IT has played an important role in people’s life. It’s the reason why we need to learn and understand these technologies”. Nattida Sanguansin, Managing Director of Buzzebees Limited Company, the no. 1 developer of CRM Privilege in Thailand said it.

Back to the past several years, when Nattida foreseen the possible trend of smartphone application and social media in the future, she decided to run Buzzebees company, striving to develop applications and CRM Privilege Platform, with the first two corporate clients like Samsung and AIS, both are looking for an IT service provider who can accommodate their large customers. That’s when Buzzebees fully launched in the digital world.

Up until now, Buzzebees has its own user base at approximately 35 million users, it’s 2/3 of the total amount of people using internet in Thailand. Beyond, Buzzebees won a winner prize for the 11th Chao Fah IT competition.

Before starting Buzzebees, this woman executive had ideas to create an app that can both serve corporate clients’ needs and link to social media all in one. That’s why Buzzebees provides services on both website and application, implemented with point collection system, trade, and payment. Additionally, when customers purchase products, they will earn points to redeem special privileges. As for brands wanting to promote their own app, we should be able to do that for them, it can say that, not many companies around the world can provide this kind of service.

“IT Industry is a very tiring business because you have to think advance and innovate new ideas as well as preparing for the second plan to survive in the competitive digital world. It’s vital for us to think big and think creative all the time.

For us, IT is like a tool facilitating our work, it can be applied to everyday life. If a technology cannot respond to our needs, that technology will soon die. However, we need to have new ideas in order to create and try new approaches. It’s okay if it’s not successful, but would be a good thing if it does.
In the future, we may have an automatic freeze or deliver products by drone and even an automatic car without a driver. Today, we just think it’s not possible.

We’re moving forward to the future, we don’t judge the future possibility by what we have in the presence. What we’re using today considered impossible in the past, but it’s already possible now and everyone accepted it, as the same as the future technology, it may have many obstacles and need some adaption to be robust and functional. Whatever it is, one of the most possible things we know is, technologies will someday replace human in some careers”. Nattida said at the end of discussion.