How organizations achieve their goal?

Every organization is striving to achieve their sales goal by creating effective marketing approaches and strengthen their business growth especially, in technology disruption era that most organizations are adapting to change in order to stay on top with emerging technology trends. Unfortunately, many organizations still don’t understand about digital marketing or where and how to start using it. When talking about CRM Platform, Buzzebees will come on top list, and work like an expressway that connects your organization to the digital world along with network and partners as One Stop Solution. It’s designed to support your organization in marketing, analyzing, consulting and managing platforms, to build Loyalty Program and maintain existing customers as well as gain new customer base in order to boost brand loyalty.

Buzzebees has been developing One Stop Service Digital CRM Platform, and we are the only platform that provide the One Stop Service solution for your organization in Thailand. We’ve built Big Data along with Eco-System, with over 75 million users and also devised 4 core strategies known as “Buzzebees Marketing Activation”, to get the most effective result out of implementing Digital CRM Platform.

  • Acquire New User: How to attract new users to your platform.
  • Boost Engagement: How to keep existing customers active.
  • Boost Redemption: How to encourage users to redeem rewards continuously and accelerate the redemption.
  • Boost Purchase: How to induce users to make their first purchase and keep coming back for the next purchase.

For the operating model, Buzzebees has the specialized team ready to assist your brand, the team will summarize the report of the 4 parts for you every month and review conversion rate, you can define this part whatever you want depending on your products and services. Conversion can increase value of your advertising, better than clicking rate or engagement. Apart from that, the company is willing to give you insightful advice, guidance, and marketing alternatives to get the best result.

Due to having extensive experiences in Digital CRM Platform, both in IT and marketing, we are able to develop all 4 strategies with the marketing team or the brand’s responsible person, to reach the maximum efficiency. If you, as our partner don’t have the team to take care of your brand, let us assist you End-to-End. By informing us your requirement as in type of platform; is it on application? Or Line Official Account? Indicate your objective and lastly target group. Once received and analyzed all of your requirements, we would provide you the right platform to meet the needs of your organization.

If you are interested in “Buzzebees Marketing Activation”, please contact Ms. Apinya Sopittanon, Buzzebees Co.,Ltd. at 087-556-2822 to allow us to visit your company personally and give advice on how to choose effective campaigns for your organization. We would be pleased to be a part of your organization and help you achieve your goals in digital marketing world.