Allianz Ayudhya

Design and development of the Healthy Living application to align with “Healthy Living: Eat, Live, Health, Wealth” concept


Allianz Ayudhya was founded in 1951 with a vision to serve as a security anchor for every Thai family. The company has grown exponentially into one of Thailand’s leading insurance providers, with clients holding over 1.33 million insurances and a net worth of 143 hundred billion baht.


Allianz Ayudhya wanted to elaborate “Healthy Living: Eat, Live, Health, Wealth” campaign, increase communication channels, and drive customer engagement through health-related content, activities, and surveys, as well as rewards programs.


Download Application Healthy Living


We successfully designed and developed a feature-rich application with quality health-related content that includes:

  • Healthy Story original, quality content on lifestyle, health, and financial tips
  • Healthy Forum a practical health consulting platform from certified specialists
  • Healthy Service a health appointment service with Allianz’s healthcare provider partners
  • Allianz@Healthy Living นำเสนอผลิตภัณฑ์ด้านประกันชีวิตและสุขภาพ
  • Healthy Rewards health and life insurances packages
  • Healthy Living a points redemption platform with a variety of benefits