BUZZEBEES Unveils New Era in Business Innovation: Introduces Mediabuzz, Elevates Sales Performance, Expands Ecosystem to Exceed 170 Million Accounts, and Advances Towards the Goal of “Connecting the World”

BUZZEBEES, the preeminent leader in Digital Engagement and Loyalty Platforms, is entering a new era of innovation, adapting and evolving in the digital landscape to achieve its objective of CONNECTING THE WORLD. For the year 2024, the company has adopted 3 principal strategies.

  1. Utilizing technology to enhance its platform and employing AI innovations to foster Personalized Engagement, thereby precisely targeting specific customer demographics;
  2. Broadening its scope of e-commerce services to facilitate revenue growth for brands and retail outlets.
  3. Amplifying Engagement and Conversation, in conjunction with launching Mediabuzz, an Affiliate Marketing platform designed to augment sales for new clients and generate a Gross Merchandise Value of 2.2 billion baht, thereby supporting businesses of all sizes towards sustainable growth.

BUZZEBEES Open House 2024

Ms.Nattida Sanguansin, Managing Director and Co-Founder of BUZZEBEES, articulated the company’s vision at the BUZZEBEES Mission Unlocked event: Exploring Innovation, Business Breakthrough, and Financial Triumphs. She stressed the increasing necessity for businesses to adapt in 2024, underscoring the critical role of Digital Engagement and Loyalty Programs in maintaining enduring relationships with consumers. She highlighted the imperative to elevate these relationships through Personalized Engagement, which aims to create unique and specific interactions for each customer group, thus enhancing their experience and securing a customer base in an intensely competitive and rapidly shifting market.

Despite facing economic headwinds and a downturn in 2024, BUZZEBEES has reevaluated its approach to business innovation, which is anticipated to revolutionize future online interactions and responses. The company has adjusted its strategy to navigate the challenges of surviving and thriving in the digital era—a formidable challenge indeed.

One of the company’s significant achievements, which emerged during the COVID-19 era, is the Comprehensive E-commerce Service (E-Commerce Enabler Service). This strategic initiative has enabled brands and stores to rejuvenate their revenue streams. In 2023, BUZZEBEES managed to triple its e-commerce market sales compared to the previous year, achieving a total sales value of over 1 billion baht, thereby exceeding its target by 120 percent.

In 2023, BUZZEBEES achieved the status of the premier E-Commerce Enabler on Shopee in Thailand and has been consistently recognized as Shopee Premium Enabler and Lazada Certified 3 Stars through the first quarter of 2024. This distinction underscores the company's commitment to excellence in providing comprehensive e-commerce services, reflecting its operational efficiency in consistently driving growth for its clients through successful sales generation (GMV), effective marketing campaign management, and operational excellence.

Currently, BUZZEBEES provides services across various e-commerce platforms, including Shopee, Lazada,, Line Official, and TikTok. The company began expanding its store management services on the TikTok platform in April 2023, earning the Shop Management Service Excellence Award from TikTok in the third quarter of the year, having achieved over 1,000 percent GMV for its clients within 5 months.

While ‘Mediabuzz’ is the flagship business venture of 2024 for BUZZEBEES, addresses the need for effective sales conversion through Influencer Marketing, integrating the company’s technological expertise with Data and AIto create advertising models that yield returns significantly above the market average.

In the past year, Mediabuzz generated a GMV of 2.2 billion baht through its affiliate network of over 20 million followers, achieving an unprecedented Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) of up to 100 times. Mediabuzz caters to clients across diverse industries including consumer goods, electrical appliances, furniture, fashion, financial products, and tourism, and is projected to generate a GMV of over 4 billion baht by 2024.

Over the past year, BUZZEBEES has persistently pursued business expansion, most recently developing the BEES’ BENEFIT platform to penetrate the B2E (Business to Employee) market in Thailand. This initiative is designed to provide rewards that resonate with employees and foster positive organizational relationships, serving as a strategic tool for HR to enhance inter-employee relations. Additionally, BUZZEBEES has secured numerous significant international deals, advancing towards its goal of CONNECTING THE WORLD by establishing the largest business ecosystem in Southeast Asia, aimed at collectively fostering growth among businesses of all sizes. Presently, BUZZEBEES offers services in six countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Cambodia, managing over 1,200 partnership platforms with more than 170 million user accounts.

Throughout the last 11 years, BUZZEBEES has demonstrated consistent growth, with revenues for the years 2020 to 2023 recorded at 921 million baht, 1,142 million baht, 1,751 million baht, and 1,980 million baht.

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