Points Collection App

Many of you may have earned points purchasing drinks and redeeming them to get a free drink as a special reward. In today’s digital world, the points collection system has been improved to be more effective and widely used among Thai people.

A Points collection app was developed to make consumer life easier, by allowing people to earn and redeem points to get rewards in just a few taps. It helps increase customer brand loyalty, encouraging your customers to keep coming back to your brands to earn more and buy more. A good example of the app is the Tesco Lotus Club card; customers will earn points every time they purchase things from Tesco Lotus. If they have earned enough, they will instantly get a discount voucher or other special deals by simply redeeming those collected points.

If your brand happens to be seeking effective methods to retain existing customers as well as attract new customers, you may find this “Points Collection App” is a good solution for your organization.