E-Wallet – The foreseeable future of Cashless Society

Over the last few years, “Cashless Society” trend has been spread around the world, including Thailand. We can assume that this trend may have started from the evolution of E-Wallet or E-Payment which allow people to pay digitally without cash on hand. Here it is, we’re taking you to the world of E-Wallet and its relation to Cashless Society now. Let’s get to it!

What is E-Wallet?

Electronic Wallet or E-Wallet in short, mostly called Digital Wallet or Online Wallet by Thai people. It comes in the form of application to simplify people’s lifestyle whether transferring/withdrawing money, shopping online/offline, dining, and much more. This smart wallet not only saves your time and frees your worry about carrying cash or coins but also help stores increase their sales.

Currently, E-Wallet or epayment has been constantly evolving with high secure technology, and as a consequence gained more people’s trusts. They’re starting to shift from the traditional payment method to E-Wallet due to its convenience and simplicity in controlling transaction, reviewing account, and topping up money without binding credit or debit card. On top of that, if any problems found, they can instantly inform the service provider to solve their queries. As for Thailand now, there’re several leading wallet applications include True Wallet, AirPay, and a lot more.

Moreover, those brands using E-Wallet can also implement CRM Platform to their application, with the strong combination of 2 platforms, the win-win situation will be formed. In one way, it allows customers to earn points from spending via E-Wallet, to redeem special privileges such as, discounts, deals, and rewards. In another, it will persuade customers to buy more from brands, building brand loyalty and strengthen relationship between brands and customers. With its advantages, E-Wallet will attract more and more users, and that’s when the “Cashless Society” will be largely spread in the near future.