Buzzebees, the leader of CRM Platform penetrating Consumer Products Market

In today’s digital era, more and more organizations are using innovative technologies to satisfy the new gen people specially, in consumer product business. Several brands have been attempting to take the lead in the market by formulating marketing methods, investing tons of budgets to advertising both in offline and online portal, and launching new promotions and campaigns, to capture customers’ hearts. However, all of these marketing methods could cost the marketers a lot of budgets.

With all these reasons, Loyalty Program has become one of the most important platforms in consumer product, thanks to the ability to keep track of consumer behavior that could be changing day by day. Even the expert marketers agreed that either end consumers or dealers are the core of consumer product business, thus Buzzebees has focused on evolving Consumer Loyalty and Engagement Solution for entrepreneurs and help consumer product marketers better understand behaviors of both end consumers and dealers digitally.

Buzebees is the tech startup, founded as the initiator and leader of Loyalty Platform since 2012, currently owned 90 % market shares of CRM Privilege on mobile, partnering with over 60 leading brands include Samsung, Singha Drinking Water, Mead Johnson, True Coffee, Burger King, Bangchak, CitiBank, Kbank, SCB, TMB, SME Bank, Krungthai AXA, Allianz Ayudhya, and Thanachart Insurance. In addition, Buzzebees has been expanding their capability across the border of 9 countries including Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Africa, Ghana, Cameroon, and Côte d’Ivoire, and now the operation has also been expanded to 2 neighboring countries; Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Buzzebees is the leader of Loyalty Program, tailored to Insurance and Bank industry, we’ve been planning constantly to expand our capability to consumer product market. Most brands started to understand the needs of new gen consumers, they love everything quick and flexible, thus brands have to come with new strategies to suit those young people’s lifestyle, in order to survive this face-paced world with emerging technology and digital disruption. With all these reasons, it’s crucial for brands to build their own platform, to deeply understand consumer behavior, for example, to find what they like to buy, in what time and when; is it only for seasonal holidays? Or they just buy it regularly? And so on (or called untrusted data), we don’t only know about the basic data base of consumers encompassing First name and Surname, date/month/year of birth, family members, and income as in traditional methods anymore.” Ms. Nattida Sanguansin, Managing Director and co-founder of Buzzebees Co.,Ltd explained.

Moreover, the innovation of code printed on packaging can increase Buzzebees Loyalty platform’s efficiency, allowing marketers to acquire their target group accurately without investing tons of budgets to marketing, for example, if the brand has their own platform with customer base and point collection system already implemented and is about to unveil their new product, they can easily stimulate their sales via Loyalty program on mobile, by launching a promotional campaign such as buy product today, earn points x3 to receive special privileges and win a chance to get a free concert ticket within this month. The brand can set time to notify customers on the platform or stimulate sales at the time sales goal seems not to be achievable, it’s also feasible to record consumer’s behavior individually to use next time and get the best feedback from your customers.

“As for 2019, Buzzebees has been planning constantly to unveil our new platform for consumer product business, scheduling to launch at the end of January 2019 onwards. Starting from the first two leading brands Nestle and Philips Lighting, developed on LINE application which is user-friendly and easily reach out to any group of customers. Previously, Buzzebees has successfully been designed the platform for Mead Johnson’s A+ Genius Baby and Singha Drinking Water’s Singha Rewards which have the most satisfying result in terms of sales growth” Ms. Nattida added.

Buzzebees provides One Stop Solution, from designing and developing CRM Privilege, managing back- office, connecting online payment gateway, coordinating with over 2,000 stores to provide deals and special privileges for your customers, Call Center service, shipping, to providing marketing advice. This business model is guaranteed to meet the needs of all the parties whether it’s brands, entrepreneurs, and users. Buzzebees will keep growing continuously and sustainably, to help brands succeed in their business journey.