Boost your sales and grow your clients with Digital Giftcard Solution

B-Giftcard is a multiple-use pre-paid digital giftcard solution that enables your customers to buy giftcards from your store to use themselves or to send as gifts to friends and family. Due to its simplicity of use, B-Giftcard enables your company to grow its customer base and boost the frequency of purchases.

Creating Digital giftcards​​

Create giftcards easily through our back-end system; simply set the card value, for instance, 500 baht, and buyers can purchase right away!

Creating Discount Code

Create special promotional discount code that allows your customers to use it as discount when purchasing the giftcard.

Buying Digital Giftcard

When you finished setting up the giftcard, just share the URL to your channels for your customers to access and just type in their phone numbers and wait for the OTP and can proceed to checkout.


B-Giftcard comes with the cool feature for your customers to Send-as-Gift for their friends and family via SMS with customized messages.​


up-sale at the checkout touchpoint


via the multiple-use feature

new Customer

with the “Send-as-Gift” feature via SMS

Value for your customers

Bundle with discounts and promotions to give your consumers extra value.

After purchase, the digital giftcard will be tied to customer’s phone number. Customer can just click on the URL and start using it by scanning the QR code at the cashier. The value of the giftcard will be deducted every time customer uses it.
For business, you need to download the Merchant Application from BUZEBEES onto your smartphone or our POS. Once downloaded, you can just tap on the “Payment” button, type in the value of your products or services, and scan the QR code to accept the payment from customers.​