Big Data Marketing Activation

Benefit from target audience analysis with Buzzebees Z-Through Software

Understanding your customers is the key to success in the digital age

Today, Big Data Marketing is among the keys to success for businesses across industries. Because in a market flooded with companies offering the same products and services as yours, the only way to help your business stand out is by truly understanding your target customers and offering them exactly what they’re looking for. Our Big Data software, Buzzebees Z-Through, and database of over 75 million users can help you achieve that and efficiently increase your bottom line.

Turn insights into effective campaigns with our feature-rich customer analytics software

Buzzebees Z-Through, a Big Data CRM software, comes with smart features that accurately analyze user behaviors down to the most granular detail. You’ll learn about the product categories that attract your customers, the price or feature limitations that hold them back from making a purchase, how long they spend browsing each category, and more. Our reports outlay your data in a digestible format so you can easily turn them into your next winning marketing campaigns, boosting engagement rate and sales efficiently.

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