XL Telecom Indonesia

Loyalty Program for Sales Agents


  • XL is the second largest mobile telecommunications company in Indonesia with a subscriber's strength of 55.1 million users


  • Competition among mobile operators had never been higher
  • XL wanted to increase adoption through retail shops
  • At the same time, increase revenue


  • By partnering with Buzzebees, XL launched “XL Device Club” which is a loyalty program targeting outlet stores
  • The program aim to incentivize sales agents or front liners in outlet stores
  • Every time a front liner can close a sales, he/she can register it to earn points by using the XL Device Club app with approval
  • The points will roll up to store managers and eventually to partner company which created competition among resellers
  • Front liners can redeem for cash, e-vouchers, or pulsa (mobile top-ups)
  • The app can also be used as time attendance
  • Screenshot_20201126-134806_Device-Club