Points Collection App

Many of you may have earned points purchasing drinks and redeeming them to get a free drink as a special reward. In today’s digital world, the points collection system has been improved to be more effective and widely used among Thai people.

A Points collection app was developed to make consumer life easier, by allowing people to earn and redeem points to get rewards in just a few taps.

Points Collection System

Let’s talk about how we can encourage customers to repeat purchase and keep coming back to use our services. In fact, there is one such tool called a “Points Collection System”, which we are excited to introduce to you right now. Let’s explore how it can help your brand to captivate customers’ hearts and stand out from the crowd.

CRM Platform

Many of you may have heard of “CRM”, but may still be unsure about what it is or how its benefits businesses in today’s digital world. Currently, there are several leading brands and SMEs that have shifted their traditional marketing strategies to the CRM platform, enabling them to attract new customers while retaining their existing customers.

Points Collection Program

Many of you may have earned stamps or stickers from a coffee shop and redeemed them to get a free drink as a reward. In today’s digital world, Points Collection Program has been improved to be more effective and widely used among Thai people.

CRM Program

Although, several marketing tools has currently been utilized to boost relationship between brands and customers, one of the effective approaches that cannot be overlooked is CRM Program.

Big Data Program

There is no denying the fact that Thailand now is more relying on data, to drive powerful marketing strategies for several industries. With this rapid emerging data, it’s necessary to have the effective tool to analyze or process all this data thoroughly, and at the end, get the most accurate result out of it.

Online Survey

While conducting a survey to study customers ‘behaviors, you may have various methods in your mind whether direct interview, phone or email. However, those traditional methods may not provide you the desirable feedback regarding today’s fast-paced world.


Over the last few years, “Cashless Society” trend has been spread around the world, including Thailand. We can assume that this trend may have started from the evolution of E-Wallet or E-Payment which allow people to pay digitally without cash on hand. Here it is, we’re taking you to the world of E-Wallet and its relation to Cashless Society now. Let’s get to it!

ePayment System

Many of you may have heard about “Cashless Society” which can be explained that it’s an online payment platform via the application on your mobile phone or website, replaced cash payment. In fact, this modern cashless society has been invented due to the innovation of epayment system or known as E-Wallet, allowing consumers to buy and pay for products or services more conveniently without carrying cash around. As for today, we’re about to take you to get more familiar with epayment system and how it connects to the cashless society, let’s get to it now!