BUZZEBEES ventures into the HR sector with the launch of the "BEES' Benefit" application, introducing a new dimension in employee rewards and benefits systems. This innovation aims to elevate organizations, boost motivation, and attract employees.

In an era of increasing business competition, organizations must not only use strategies to win over customers but also retain talented employees. This is especially crucial today, as organizations have employees from multiple generations, particularly the younger ones like Gen Y and Gen Z, who have different perspectives from previous generations. Modern employees prioritize challenging work that helps develop their potential, creates a positive impact, and offers flexibility. Therefore, organizations need to adapt their strategies to meet these needs to retain valuable employees and promote long-term organizational development.

Data from an exit interview survey with over 500 employees at BUZZEBEES revealed that more than 50% cited the desire for greater opportunities and flexibility in terms of both time and workplace as their reasons for leaving. These factors are crucial in today's job market. Therefore, organizations must adapt to retain their employees and knowledge by creating a challenging environment that promotes self-development. This includes increasing freedom and flexibility, such as allowing remote work or flexible hours, and fostering a culture where employees feel engaged and find their work meaningful.

Ms.Nattida Sanguansin Managing Director and Co-Founder of BUZZEBEES Co., Ltd. (BUZZEBEES) As BUZZEBEES has been deeply involved in the CRM & Loyalty Engagement Solution industry for over 10 years, we previously focused on the B2B and B2C markets and achieved great success in fostering relationships between businesses and consumers (B2C) as well as between businesses (B2B). BUZZEBEES has now applied these success strategies to the B2E (Business to Employee) market, leading to the development of a new application called ‘BEES’ Benefit.’ This application aims to serve as a tool to foster positive relationships between employees and the organization.

BEES’ Benefit is the latest platform from BUZZEBEES, focused on providing desirable rewards for employees and fostering organizational engagement through a points accumulation and rewards redemption system. Under the slogan "Variety, Satisfaction, Ready to Use, No Extra Work," this system meets the diverse needs of employees, enhancing satisfaction and motivation while reducing the burden on HR in sourcing rewards. HR can allocate points for employees to redeem rewards from the BUZZEBEES Ecosystem, which offers more than 1,000 items from over 300 vendors, such as Starbucks, Swensens, Zen, Bar-B-Q Plaza, Bonchon, Oishi, Sukishi, KOI Thé, Subway, Tops, Lotus’s, Bangchak, PT, Grab, Lineman, and Foodpanda, among others.


HR can flexibly determine the methods for awarding points to employees on various occasions to align with the organization's operational direction. For example, points can be awarded for attending training sessions or workshops, participating in volunteer work, being the employee of the month or top salesperson, and winning various competitions. This points system enhances motivation and encourages effective employee participation in various organizational activities. Additionally, it seamlessly connects employee performance with the organization's goals and direction.


A survey conducted after six months of implementing the BEES’ Benefit application in the organization revealed a 41% increase in satisfaction among both HR and employees. Additionally, the application boosted employee engagement by 55% and, most importantly, reduced employee turnover by 21%. The outstanding results of BEES’ Benefit have been further validated by winning the Human Resource Excellence Awards 2023 in two categories: Excellence in The Use of HR Tech and Excellence in Employee Engagement. These accolades underscore the effectiveness and success of the application in enhancing employee engagement and participation within the organization.


Ms.Nattida In conclusion, besides having clear organizational goals and vision, appropriate compensation and benefits are crucial motivators. BEES’ Benefit introduces a new dimension to the workplace, fostering a sense of belonging within the organization, providing a positive experience, increasing work motivation, creating a good atmosphere, and attracting valuable personnel to stay and work more effectively. We believe that the BEES’ Benefit application will effectively meet the need to make employees feel valued and recognized within the organization, significantly and satisfactorily reducing employee turnover.