Dusit Foods accelerates customer base expansion by partnering its subsidiary 'Dusit Gastro' with 'BUZZEBEES' to enhance the food industry, including cafes and hotels. They have launched a comprehensive solution to increase sales, addressing the trends of modern consumers.

Currently, statistics show a decline in consumer loyalty towards brands. One in three consumers, or 33%, are beginning to look for new brands, and 61% are ready to switch brands within two months. This trend is forcing all businesses in the digital era, including those in the HoReCa sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, and Catering), to revise their strategies to stay competitive. They are increasingly using AI technology and creating Ecosystems as tools to manage their businesses and significantly increase revenue. This trend represents the current business approach, preparing to meet the rapidly changing behaviors and lifestyles of consumers.

To address this trend, BUZZEBEES, a leader in CRM & Digital Engagement in Thailand, has partnered with Dusit Foods, a food business under the Dusit Thani Group. They organized the event 'Revolutionising HoReCa: Driving growth through food solutions and MarTech' to introduce new solutions and technologies that will enhance the efficiency and revenue generation of the HoReCa industry (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, and Catering). This event took place at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel.

Ms. Manisa Mitpaibul, Managing Director of BUZZEBEES Company Limited. revealed that “It was stated that 'Dusit Gastro', a subsidiary in which Dusit Foods holds a 100% stake, is aggressively entering the HoReCa market. Dusit Gastro has a profound understanding of the needs of operators in the HoReCa industry, given the Dusit Thani Group's extensive experience in hotel management and services. The group operates over 290 hotels, resorts, and luxury villas worldwide, including the Dusit Thani's restaurant chains. They also cater more than 40,000 meals per day, hence, they are experienced in dealing with various pain points and problems. They especially excel in producing and sourcing high-quality, diverse, and reasonably priced products. Recognizing the potential in this market, they are ready with comprehensive food solutions ranging from upstream to downstream. This includes a large-scale bakery production facility capable of producing products with various ingredients and sizes according to the customer's budget. Their services extend to catering for various types of businesses and collaborating with technology partners to design and produce products that meet customer needs. This collaboration enhances efficiency in cost and labor management while diversifying product range, leading to increased revenue. Dusit Gastro's current clientele includes businesses within the Dusit Thani Group, as well as leading restaurant brands, cafes, and convenience stores in Thailand."

"With our experience and expertise, along with investments to ensure readiness across the entire supply chain, Dusit Gastro is prepared to be a comprehensive food solution partner for HoReCa operators. We aim to enhance the efficiency of business management, particularly in areas like labor costs, ingredients, equipment, and the development of customized products. This approach enables brands to create unique selling points and expand their customer base, potentially developing these into long-term clients," concluded by Manisa.

Ms. Nattida Sanguansin, Managing Director of BUZZEBEES Co., Ltd. revealed that "It was stated that the current trends in the HoReCa industry have changed significantly compared to 10 years ago. Nowadays, there is an exponential increase in new establishments, leading to intense competition. Consumer behavior has also changed drastically. Consumers today seek new experiences and are always ready to switch to different venues. Businesses that can tailor their services to individual customers using data-driven strategies to analyze customer needs, and use data for managing front and back office operations (Operations), can potentially increase their profits by up to 19 times, retain their customer base six times better, and stay competitive. Consequently, many brands are now investing in training their staff to use various technologies at the front and back of the house, including incorporating AI to help manage and operate their brands,as well as integrating their business into an Ecosystem. This shift represents a significant change that enhances business opportunities, allowing for substantial and sustainable growth together. It's a burgeoning trend that is gaining momentum.

Currently, BUZZEBEES has over 150 million accounts on its Ecosystem, having developed more than 1,200 platforms for clients and featuring over 30,000 stores nationwide for redeeming rewards. According to BUZZEBEES' 2023 statistics, more than 25% of the revenue of partner brands comes from participating in the Rewards & Privileges service with BUZZEBEES. Consumers most frequently redeem rewards in the food and beverage category across all categories. The number of redemptions for food and beverage rewards has grown by over 50% compared to the previous year, with a total of 10 million redemptions per year. These statistics show that by becoming a partner in BUZZEBEES' Ecosystem, HoReCa businesses can significantly boost their growth. This is because BUZZEBEES has the largest number of business partners and users in Southeast Asia.

ขณะที่Meanwhile, Mr. Natthanant Chantrapriyawat, Chief Strategy Officer of Buzzybees Co., Ltd., stated that The collaboration between Dusit Foods and Buzzybees this time represents a new dimension in elevating the HoReCa industry. It involves the integration of new technologies in business management, platform development, and Social Media Marketing, adapting to the MarTech (Marketing Technology) era. This will help increase revenue for the HoReCa business, where BUZZEBEES supports Dusit Foods in three main areas, namely

  1. 1. Integrating Dusit Foods' food product ingredients onto the ShopDD platform, which is a B2B Marketplace platform by BUZZEBEES. It connects with the store management system (B-POS), allowing restaurants and cafes to instantly order various ingredients from Dusit Foods and other partners directly through the POS system, providing convenience to business owners.
  2. 2. The HoReCa businesses can accept payments using loyalty points (Pay-with-Point) through BUZZEBEES's mePoint platform. BUZZEBEES can promote the stores' campaigns on applications of leading banks and financial institutions, which are its partners. This will help hotels, restaurants, and cafes to expand their sales channels and increase opportunities to broaden their customer base.   
  3. 3. Utilizing Social Media Marketing by bringing influencers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), and stores looking to boost sales onto MEDIABUZZ platform, a new business unit of BUZZEBEES that offers digital marketing and influencer services. Stores can pay commissions to influencers based on actual sales generated by customers (Affiliate Marketing Model), creating revenue opportunities for both the stores and influencers.

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