Embrace All Mistakes to Grow and Innovate Your Business

Everyone knows that in digital world, you must operate everything quick and modern, but, when talking about digital media, you must be quicker and be a trend leader. It’s what this smart woman has been doing “Khun Pink – Nattida Sanguansin”, Managing Director of Buzzebees Company Limited.

She told that Buzzebees is the developer of CRM Privilege Platform, helping brands build customer loyalty. It started 4 years ago that “Khun Pink” foreseen the business opportunity in popular mobile trend. She came up with the model that won’t be outdated while increasing and sustaining the revenue, we can say that trade is not something sustainable. Developing an application is also a part of this model and some applications will be forgotten eventually. With this reason, Buzzebees’ model had been created.

Buzzebees’ model focuses on creating an application that encourages the win-win situation. There’re three persons gaining benefits from Buzzebees’ model include 1. Brands on Buzzebees 2. Customers using Buzzebees app 3. SMEs offering products as customers’ privileges.

Previously, it’s not easy to communicate with consumers, that’s why Buzzebees played an important role, to establish mobile app that facilitate communication process between brands and consumers. However, sending data or ads to consumers may annoy them if they’re not interested so, the question is, what should we do to strengthen their loyalty with brands? It’s when the point collection has become the answer. Consumers can earn points and redeem those points to get special privileges, this is the first model Buzzebees had developed.

“We get more and more data each day, but the thing is how we can deliver the data to people without them thinking it’s just a piece of junk. And now, Buzzebees has been improving the quality of data along with the right promotions to the right consumers. When brands utilize this model, the cost they’ve spent for creating promotions will be cheaper or equal, but more to the right group”.

This Buzzebees’ model is very successful with over 30 million users, the total amount of users and revenue of the platform is on the No. 3, following Facebook and Line which won the No. 1 and 2 position. Now, Buzzebees has developed a partnership with over 40 brands, to help build relationship between brands and customers; those brands include PTT, Mead Johnson, Samsung, KBank, Dtac, and McDonald’s.

As the CRM Privilege leader, Buzzebees has the largest privilege network connecting with many retail businesses. The business growth has been increasing tremendously and for the past 4 years, Buzzebees had its growth rate over 3 times; the first year revenue was approximately 1.5 million Baht, the second year was 50 million Baht, the third year had increased to 150 million Baht, and last year was closed at 370 million Baht. For this year, we expect to have 1,000 million Baht, we started to get profits by the third year.

Keeping company moving forward, “Khun Pink” has never stopped to generate fresh ideas for partners. As the largest online media, she had expanded her model to online survey, discussed with researchers and research companies as well as conducted consumer insight behavior.

“Buzzebees is like a road, we built an express way for whoever wanting to drive. We help many business owners to improve their methods of running business, it’s our ultimate goal. We’ve got really good feedbacks and sales increase after all this time. Still, things always change on digital landscape, we have to keep on developing new features. Consider it’s a monthly challenge, we will launch 2 new apps each year and 2-3 new innovative features, for example, this year we have unveiled Big Data, to analyze consumers’ behavior using our base, keeping record, and building our own engine, to offer privileges to customers”

“Khun Pink” continued her conversation “Aside from Big Data, we will expand to unstructured data which is to tag customers’ behavior online, for example, Facebook, the reason it understands which data to offer to us is that it has collected our data while checking our feed, what stops us to view, like, share or comment. Likewise, whether you have doughnut, shop at Central or watch a movie, we can tag your profile to understand your behavior”.

This data base helps brands use CRM Privilege effectively, to better understand their customers’ need and as a consequence, able to reach out and provide what they really want. It’s a predictive model which brands don’t need to know your name, but can still analyze your behavior and identify your needs accurately.

Why does “Khun Pink” always have fresh ideas and develop her platform consecutively? She told that it’s because she’s a good reader and trend / market observer. You don’t need to graduate in a relevant major, but you have to always learn and understand what you’ve learned quickly. Our potential staffs must be a quick learner since they have to keep up with new trends. It’s better than experienced ones, but not willing to learn anything.

Another method “Khun Pink” applied is to embrace all mistakes, it helps people learn what is right or wrong. If you have a clear vision, just do it. We can sacrifice small things and change it as fast as we can. I made mistakes myself in the past, yes and it’s so disappointing, but if you know you’re wrong, you have to fix it right now. If it doesn’t work this way, just change it, this is how you run your business. If you’ve released a new technology for like 3 days and didn’t work, you have to change it quickly. We have to observe it day by day.

“Don’t believe in anyone’s words, don’t believe it just because they’re your boss. You have to believe in your ideas and if it does make sense, just continue it. If I have assigned my team and they’ve done a job without understanding anything, I would be really pissed. When assigning tasks, we will describe it clearly what we need. There’s no training session in our company because we need our team to embrace mistakes, no mistakes, no growth and not embrace mistakes, no innovation. We have the mechanic to control mistakes, each month, we’ll have a company briefing. We must embrace all mistakes, we must be a No. 1. Don’t work just to be a No.2, if you don’t aim to be a No.1, you’ll never be there”.

The model of fast thinking, doing, and adapting enables “Buzzebees” to grow exponentially and not only a market in Thailand but also foreign markets including Malaysia, Indonesia, Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Ghana, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, and Philippines. She’s also ready to continue expanding Buzzebees to other countries if there’s an opportunity open for her.