Buzzebees Revealed 4 Important Trends That Change The World of Business, unhide the secret of Digital CRM Privilege to increase brands opportunity and fight against COVID-19

Ability to foresee the upcoming future and embrace with all challenges are one of the most important qualities for brand striving to be on top of the market. Likewise, Buzzebees has unhidden the secret of future trends for organizations to improve their business, all these strategies leverage Buzzebees, the small startup back in 2012, to become the leader of Digital CRM Privilege Platform with 95% market share by now.

As for this year, Mr. Michael Chen, CEO and Founder of Buzzebees Limited Company disclosed the 4 important trends that will be coming in the next 10 years, at the event “Buzzebees Digital Engagement Executive Forum” this will greatly change the world of business in Thailand and those 4 trends include:

Blockchain: making transaction is feasible without the third party, allowing online business owners to feel at ease due to its security, transparency, time and cost saving.

IoT: It’s considered to be a game changer in the next 50 years, especially when 5G comes to play an important role. As we observed, every time new technology was adopted, new opportunities got in. IoT creates Big Data to increase business opportunities and help several industries analyze data real time.

E-Sport: It will not only be a sport in online world anymore but also the newest communication channel for brands and customers. It will help brands build more business opportunities in the next 2-3 years as we can see the greatly increase of E-Sport viewers; 645 million people today, it’s even more than viewers of all popular sports combined together. Importantly, the majority of E-Sport viewers is new generation people which will become the main purchasers in the very near future.

Though AI and machine learning has been known for many years, using it for analysis with current limited data is still not that popular. However, it will be very different in the future as everything will run realtime smoothly and automatically as a result of quantum technology along with genius AI. This technology will help streamline decision-making process typically done by human.

“Buzzebees expected these 4 trends in the future and all will happen undeniably. As such, we’ve complied these 4 trends to implement on Buzzebees services in order to serve what customers’ needs for the upcoming future. With more secure and efficient transaction making using Blockchain technology, we can formulate new communication options as well as marketing methods, to reach mass audiences all over the world. We’ve also connected IoT to collect data and product as well as utilize machine learning to help analyze and accelerate decision-making”.

Mr. Michael Chen said that technology and innovative communication that Buzzebees has been developing include aggregate business, online to offline, and direct to customer. Today, Buzzebees has already been using this technology for our clients such as redemption point campaign via online or offline to stimulate sales, provide Big Data to enable brands to understand every aspect of their customers, and even offer specific campaigns to suit the target group; especially via online or acquire the product at the right time as well as omni – sale channel.

“If the brand run their business without CRM Platform, it will be a difficult task to deeply understand their customers or reach out to them. It’s because if you want your brand to be successful in the future, you have to build loyalty, so utilizing Big Data will become the key to success. It’s one of the most important tools we’ve been relying on, to drive growth to businesses for all these 8 years, we can also provide data for you if you want to understand what your customers want. Another key to success is to embrace challenge and step up your game in digital disruption era.

It’s important that all businesses keep moving forward because business innovation is unavoidable. Several organizations have shifted their traditional work process to be more digital, some has been stepping into the next phase of digital transformation. Mr. Dhanawat Suthumpun, Managing Director of Microsoft (Thailand) Limited remarked that organizations have to seek for new opportunities by disrupting the digital landscape proactively before getting disrupted, just like Microsoft, we’ve changed our business model from being a software company to cloud provider with vision shifting to focus on digital transformation partner and become the part of their success. Similarly, our mindset has been shifted, we use services from open source providers or even from competitors because we believe there is no real competitors anymore.

Similarly, Mr. Ariya Banomyong, President of BEC World remarked that the person who can survive this digital disruption age must understand new technologies and know how to adapt it to their business as well as utilize Big Data to create business model, to stand out from the crowd or to adopt new models for large organizations that has been running their business for several years. It’s important for them to build new sectors or subsidiary companies to facilitate management process and to build organizational culture which encourages employees to embrace change.

As for Mr. Somkid Jiranuntarat, Ex-Chairman at Kasikorn Business-Technology Group, he suggested that organizations have to develop employees’ digital mindset, using AI and Big Data technology is necessary in that it helps you better understand customers and in turn, able to offer what suits their needs. However, this technology can be developed with partners, to save time and achieve the goal faster.

While, Phichet Rerkpreecha, DBA, Chief Executive Officer of LINE Company (Thailand) stated that the basic structure of technology accelerates operating process and increases the opportunity to discover the right product for the right customer, for example, Big Data can help brands to better understand customers’ pain point so brands can offer them satisfying experience.

Ms. Nattida Sanguasin, Managing Director of Buzzebees Limited Company explained about strong points of Buzzebees, “We have our own Big Data with over 2 million active users per day on platform and the total of privilege redemptions is up to 10 million times per month. With that reason, we have enough Big Data to analyze customers’ behavior, to deeply understand what they need and at the end of the day, offer the right promotion and loyalty program to them individually. Besides, we have partnered with over 100 organizations from different industries and over 20,000 retailers. It’s a large Eco-System with user base over 75 million accounts, to increase business opportunities for organizations and retailers altogether.

According to the research from implementing Buzzebees CRM Privilege, we found that the majority of customers active on a platform aged between 25-44 years, it’s separated into 46% who love lucky draw campaign and 36% who love point redemption for rewards, and 8% who love to do both. For lucky draw campaign, the top three rewards that most attractive to customers include gold, car, and smartphone respectively, while the percentage of those participating in loyalty program via Line Official Account is approximately 20-50%, those collecting points is approximately 30-70% and those redeem privileges is approximately 30-70%.

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