Points Collection Program

Many of you may have earned stamps or stickers from a coffee shop and redeemed them to get a free drink as a reward. In today’s digital world, Points Collection Program has been improved to be more effective and widely used among Thai people.

Points Collection Program in the digital era is mostly in the form of points collection app or member card. It helps make consumers' life easier by allowing them to earn points and redeem it to get special rewards. Using this approach will entice customers to keep coming back to the application, incentivize the repeat purchase, and gain customer loyalty. The example of this type of application include Blue Card by PTT; customers will earn points by refueling or purchasing from PTT and then they can use the points to get free vouchers, rewards, and privileges.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an effective marketing method to retain existing customers and attract new customers at the same time, Points Collection Program will absolutely be the best choice for your brand.