ePayment System

Introducing to ePayment system, the powerful tool to help you pay everywhere you want without carrying cash around.

Many of you may have heard about “Cashless Society” which can be explained that it’s an online payment platform via the application on your mobile phone or website, replaced cash payment. In fact, this modern cashless society has been invented due to the innovation of epayment system or known as E-Wallet, allowing consumers to buy and pay for products or services more conveniently without carrying cash around. As for today, we’re about to take you to get more familiar with epayment system and how it connects to the cashless society, let’s get to it now!

Epayment system or E-Wallet is an online payment method streamlining your payment process include shopping online and offline, dinning, and much more services. It saves your time and free your worry about carrying cash everywhere and more importantly, helps stimulate sales of those retailers.

Today, epayment system has been constantly developing to be high secure, so more and more people has started to shift from the traditional cash payment to this innovative technology thanks to its simplicity of controlling account which enable you to refill your money on app as desired without linking a credit or debit card, as well as the ability to quickly review the account transaction; deposit or withdraw. if any problems found, they can instantly inform the service provider to solve their queries. As for Thailand now, there’re several leading wallet applications include True Wallet, AirPay, and a lot more.

Aside from that, epayment system is also one of the critical tools to strengthen marketing strategies when utilizing it with CRM Platform or known as relationship management platform. Not only easier for customers to pay for products and services even without cash on hand but also earning points to redeem special rewards. All these benefits will retain customer brand loyalty and it’s likely that the satisfied customers will come back to purchase from your brands. With its advantages, epayment system will attract more and more users, and that’s when the “Cashless Society” will be largely spread in the near future.