Buzzebees strengthens their strategy to utilize CRM Privilege, focusing on retail business and transforming it to align with the future trend of marketing and ready to step up to the new decade of digital world.

In recent years, retail businesses have been changing tremendously due to innovation of technologies that has a huge impact on the business owners. They have experienced various changes and challenges, specifically on digital platforms that currently influences the modern trade. According to the statistic of 2019, Thai people had spent time on the internet through various devices up to 9 hours per day and as consumers today love everything quick and convenient, it has become the big question for retail businesses to answer whether they can adapt and adopt effective strategies to survive competitive and challenging market.

As the leader of CRM Privilege, occupying approximately 90% of the market share and partnering with over 100 leading organizations and 20,000 retailers, Mr. Michael Chen, CEO and Founder of Buzzebees Limited Company revealed that “From our past 20 year experience in IT industry, we’ve forecasted the popular trend of social media throughout these 8 years and it has become the reason why we’ve built Buzzebees to be the modern solution for brands, organizations, retailers, and SMEs including the business model for the next big thing of digital technology. Looking back to the year 2012, most people did not expect technology disruption as in today’s world so, it’s vital for both leaders and team to have a clear vision so that they can lead their organization to the right direction. According to the research from 2019, we can see that over 9,302 retail business owners closed their stores in America which is 59% more than 2018 due to online stores occupying 16% of market share in America and it’s likely to be increased to 25% in 2026. This result may affect 75,000 offline retail business owners to close their stores down in the next 7 years and this statistic should not be overlooked”.

Recently at Buzzebees Retail Day forum, Buzzebees stated the importance of CRM Privilege strategies as One Stop Solution. It’s a digital platform that encourages better communication among brands, retailers, distributors, and customers, to expand retail businesses with CRM implementation and strengthen their relationship with consumers. This platform works as the center of communication to build brand loyalty using CRM Privilege and Loyalty Program include other mechanics that help brands reach out retailers and create marketing campaigns that point the right target, leading both brands and retailers to have sales increase.

Mr. Michael Chen said that “Today, Buzzebees has been developing CRM Privilege to help businesses expand their sales opportunities whether B2B or B2C as well as increase the ease of back office management to be quick, convenient, realtime and scalable when run on smartphone (iOS and Android), website, application, and LINE Official Account. With our full-functional features up to 10 include Marketing Activation, Engagement Solution for Consumers, Engagement Solution for Dealer, Connecting Your Customers with Line Official Account, Privilege Acquisition Network, D2C E-Commerce & Loyalty the Winning Solution, SMS – CRM without CRM, E-Voucher that Help Solve Your Pain & Drive Your Sells, E-Gift Card where Friends are Your Best Customer, and POS with a Difference, all of these can be designed to fit with all you need within short time”.

Ms. Nattida Sanguasin, Managing Director of Buzzebees added that “The advantage of Buzzebees’ business model is to provide win-win benefits, to be specific, brands will deeply understand behaviour of both retailers and consumers through Eco-system as the result of Buzeebees’ Big Data with user base over 75 million accounts. Using Big Data allows brands to receive insightful consumers’ behaviour through deep analysis. We also have a professional marketing team to provide advice to brands and help them reach their goal. Also, campaign promotion planning is effective and proven success as well as offering personalized campaign to the target group efficiently and precisely. This way, the previous problem about brands not being able to figure out how and why dealers purchase from them, which product sell best for each month and how to help dealers increase their sales will be immediately solved. Meanwhile in the aspect of consumers, brands couldn’t understand which promotion consumers like, what flavor they would prefer or where they purchase products, and what is the perfect strategy for them individually will not also be a problem anymore. Buzzebees can always find you a way out and seek for new doors to make your business grow exponentially”.

At the event of Buzzebees Retail Day, interesting real experiences and perspectives of digital disruption were told by many C Level executives from leading companies include Mr. Buranin Rattanasombat, Senior Executive Vice President of Organization Strategy and Sustainability, PTT Public Company Limited, Ms. Sirichat Sangsri, Marketing Director, SF Development Company Limited, Mr. Thanawat Damneithong, General Manager, Burger King Thailand for the topic “How Digital is Disrupting Business”.

Mr. Thanawat stated that Digital Disruption greatly shifted organization culture, so vision should also be adapted to align with technology. As in the past, Burger King would only wait for customers to walk in, but for now, we have application for online delivery and it’s vital for businesses to shift their business model to be digital-oriented, while customers’ voice is still a thing to focus. It can be said that technology is all about trial, the quicker you adapt, the more benefits you get.

While Ms. Buranin stated that as digital has played an important role in everyday life, business transformation is unavoidable. It’s not an easy task for the large organizations to align themselves with new technology, but time cannot be waited, we’ve already started with having stores at our gas stations. What we do is to be the center of community and expand it to digital transformation, and for the near future, it’s also vital to change how we reach customers due to target changing, more importantly, to focus on retaining existing customers and keeping them coming back.

Last, Mega Bangna, Ms. Sirinchat remarked that digital transformation is unavoidable, but the real question here is how much we have to change and answer customers’ needs. Previously, customers’ behavior had been changing day by day, but for now, it is changing hour by hour, so using modern marketing tools to analyze customers’ behavior is a must, while it’s also important for executives to understand and adapt to change quickly. The most challenging factor of retail businesses in today’s digital world is customers, therefore, we have to utilize effective digital tool to analyze customers’ behavior and get the most benefits out of it to expand business effectively.

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