Poll results revealed by Marketbuzzz “How much do Thai people care about environment?”

According to Marketbuzzz’s study, about the social issues people concerned, it revealed that “Environment Issues” dominate the poll compared to other issues Thai people has been concerned such as higher cost of living, corruption, traffic jam, crimes, and economy. The result of poll by Marketbuzzz was conducted via mobile phone with 1,000 respondents, on March 2019.

After surveying this selected group of Thai people about which one is the most concerning environmental issue, the study found that 55% of respondents has been concerned about Air Pollution, 40% for Traffic Jam, and Climate Change for 39% respectively. These top 3 are the most concerning issues of Thai people which tend to have a huge impact on their life currently and also in the future coming especially, for people living in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, facing these constant major issues in daily life.

Now, Thai people have mostly been aware of environmental issues and willing to change their behavior to mitigate the effect of the current situation. 50% of respondents has reduced energy use at home, 41% sorted waste, 33% recycled waste, and 30% reduced foam and plastic use.

Thai people also suggest government and citizens to collaborate in solving current Air Pollution, importantly, 87% of respondents tend to vote for the political party having a concrete plan to cope with environmental issues.

Mr. Grant Bartoli, CEO of Marketbuzzz said that “It has no surprise for the recent poll revealed how much Air Pollution has had an impact on environment, however, being aware of this issue may not be enough to drive behavior change. In fact, Thai people need not only to raise the issue but also take action, in other words, both Thai people and government must take ownership of environmental issues as well as protect their environment before it’s too late”

“We cannot turn our back to the current environmental issues according to the poll, instead we need to act as quickly as possible. In order to do it successfully, we need sincere collaboration and policy to help Thai people and persuade them to change behavior. The question is “Is the government ready to take action?” Bartoli added.